一、as such 的意義
  as such最基本的原始含義為正如這樣作為這樣的……”,但在不同語境中,其語義會或多或少有所不同。
1. as much表示(上述詞通常的)字面意義看嚴格地/準確地就(上述詞)字面意義而言。例如:
  Parasites as such are known to be harmful… A recent study has revealed that parasites can become more helpful rather than harmful. 人們知道從字面意義說,寄生蟲有害……最近一項研究揭示寄生蟲能變害為益)
  The new job is not a promotion as such but it brings good prospects for the future. 這一新的工作,嚴格說來不算提升,不過以後很有發展前途
2.表示以(上述詞所指)的身份作為(上述詞所指)的人或事物 as such用於此義譯成漢語時,未必需要明確譯出,有時可在字裡行間滲透出其義。例如:
  The reason the doctor was considering voting for my opponent was not my position on abortion as such. 那位博士考慮投票支持我的對手的原因,並不是因為我在墮胎問題上的(上述)立場。
  Dora is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such. 朵拉是一位傑出的學者,而且(她作為傑出學者的身份)也到處得到公認。
  Water ― Canada's liquid gold ― should be priced as such. 加拿大的液體黃金應該作為黃金定價。
  Fungal spores as such do not cause nasal inflamation in mold exposure.暴露在黴菌中時,真菌孢子本身並不引起鼻炎。
  “Second when we talk about information information as such has assumed a conspicuously prominent place with respect to the actual subject matter of that information.” 其次,相對於資訊的實際主內容而言,當我們談論資訊時,資訊本身便有了明顯重要的地位。
  Only this self-restoring sameness or this reflection in otherness within itself―not an original or immediate unity as such―is the True. 唯有這種正在重建其自身的同一性或在他物中的自身反映,才是絕對的真理,而原始的或直接的統一性,就其本質而言,則不是絕對真理。
  4.表示因此就此/這點而言。此時as such一般用來建立句際聯繫,意指上下句之間有因果關係。例如:
  The verb author which had been out of use for a long period has been rejuvenated in recent years with the sense “to assume responsibility for the content of a published text.” As such it is not quite synonymous with the verb write.動詞author很長一段時間不再使用,但近年來卻被重新起用,可是有了對某一出版作品的內容負有責任的含義。因此,它與動詞write已不完全同義。   So while the vending machines are giving people the novel experience of being able to pick up a bottle of wine at the supermarket simple Brands have to leverage technology to make sure that state laws are not broken. As such customers have to jump through several hoops to use the vending machines. 所以儘管售貨機給了人們在超市挑選酒類的全新經驗,但是簡單品牌公司卻不得不提升了技術,確保不違反州立法律。因此,現在顧客使用這些售貨機,必須通過幾道周折麻煩。
  二、as such 的用法
  as such短語中,such既可用於句內前指,也可用於句際前指。正確區分這兩種關係是理解as such的意義,掌握其用法的關鍵。
  1. as such用於句內前指。此時as such短語大多位於與其相關的名詞後面,such用於指代該名詞。例如:
  Capital as such is not evil it is its wrong use that is evil.資本本身並無罪惡,有罪的是資本的錯誤使用。
  as such也用於動詞後,such偶爾也可跨句前指。此時,動詞多為被動語態形式。這種情況下使用as such,可避免重複前面名詞,達到文字簡練之功效。例如:… e.g. "ecological" naturaltextiles described as such (狀語)refer to unbleached textiles or non-dyed textiles or textiles with natural dyestuffs. 例如被描述為符合環境生態的天然紡織品,指的是沒有經過漂白或染色的紡織品或是用天然染料染色的紡織品。
  As the highest god and throughout Greece worshipped as such he was styled the father of gods and men the ruler and preserver of the world他(宙斯)作為眾神之王,在全希臘都受此崇拜,並被稱為人類與眾神之父、宇宙的統治者和保護者。
  HTML signature will not be saved as such if initially created as plain text. HTML 簽名如果最初以普通文本創建,便不會存為HTML 簽名。
  Hitherto noise was the sole source of unpredictability suddenly we are confronted with another one chaos. In reality neither noise nor chaos exist as such in nature.迄今為止,噪音是不可預知性的唯一起源,突然我們面對另一起源:混亂。實際上噪音和混亂在自然界中都不是作為不可預知性的起源存在的。(此處such跨句前指“the source of unpredictability”
  2. as such用於句際前指。此時as such常用於獨立句句首,有時用於並列句分句句首,且可在前面加上and以加強上下文聯繫。
  Thus far our holiday has been simply a friendly sign of the survival of the love of letters amongst a people too busy to give to letters any more. As such it is precious as the sign of an indestructible instinct. 目前為止,我們聚會的節日還僅僅是一個友好的象徵,它象徵著一個過於忙碌,而再無力奉獻于文學的民族對文學之愛的延續。因此,這個象徵彌足珍貴,有如不能被損毀的人類本能。
  He is the author of the article but he does not desire to be known as such. 他是文章的作者,但他不想讓人知道他是作者。(此處such跨句前指“the author of the article”
  NSHN supports the environment and as such aims to reduce its use of paper products. NSHN支持環保,因此致力於減少使用紙製品。
  She's an athlete and as such she has to train very hard.她是運動員,因此(作為運動員)必須艱苦訓練。
  Is a one-eyed person considered half blind and as such are there any restrictions on his driver's license僅有一隻眼睛是否被看作半盲,就此而言,對他有無駕照限制?   3. as such偶爾也用於句際後指。例如:
  Cannondale Headshok product manager Drew Hanna wouldn't confirm as such but we're betting this SRAM XX hydraulic lockout-equipped Lefty will be available to consumers for 2011.儘管坎農公司Headshok牌避震前叉產品經理德魯汗納不願對此證實,但我們打賭消費者可在2011年買到這款SRAM XX型號,裝備有液壓鎖定的Lefty牌單側懸叉。
  (22)中德魯汗納不願證實的是下句中所說的消費者可在2011年買到這款SRAM XX型號,裝備有液壓鎖定的Lefty牌單側懸叉,因此such表示後指。
  "We have not issued invitations as such but it is only natural that we would hope that the participants would include the members of the Arab follow-up" Rice told reporters. 賴斯告訴記者們說:我們還沒有發出這樣的邀請,但是很自然我們希望參加者包括阿盟後續委員會成員
  The Taliban raked in as much as $300 million from the opium trade last year but supply vastly exceeds demand and prices are falling. As such there's anecdotal evidence that just as it did in 2001 the Taliban is purposely curtailing opium cultivation to drive up prices on its significant stockpiles. 塔利班去年從鴉片交易中斂集的金錢,多達3億美元,但是供給大大超過了需求,所以價格正在下降。因此有觀察證據表明,正如2001年那樣,塔利班現在正有目的地控制鴉片種植以推高其大量存貨的價格。
  While inflation in the UK receded in June to below the government’s target the Bank of England noted that the country’s CPI remained “surprisingly high”. As such this is a further reason to be negative on the GBP as inflation would affect the real yield on UK assets. 雖然英國6月份的通脹率降到了政府設定的目標以下,但英格蘭銀行指出該國的消費物價指數仍然是令人驚訝的高。因此,這也成為看空英鎊的又一理由,因為通脹會影響到英國資產的實際收益率。
  在上面(25)句中,such表面上指代prices,實際上卻與 “prices are falling”整句意思相關。其整句意思在邏輯上構成下一句中塔利班現在正有目的地控制鴉片種植的原因。同樣(26)句中such表面上指代the country’s CPI,實際上the country’s CPI remained “surprisingly high”的整句意思構成下一句的原因。所以如前所述,若要準確理解,恰當使用as such,就一定要注意其上下文語境。



as with... 如同……的情況一樣;如同……一樣

 As with some people who have long lived apart, solitude seemed to look out of its countenance .


as to... 關於,至於 

 1. concerning “關於……方面”、“有關……的事”,多用於句中,但也可置於句首,以示強調。

As to correcting our homework, the teacher always makes us do it ourselves. 




He was uncertain as to which road to take.

There's no decision as to when the work might start.


3. 引出做事的根據,意思是“按照”、“根據”。

They sorted the eggs as to size and color. 他們按照大小和顏色將雞蛋進行分類。

 as for... 至於

as for sth./ sb.

As for my past, I'm not telling you anything. 關於我的過去, 我什麼都不會告訴你。 

as for 一般用於句首, 和 as to 一樣, 用於再次提到已說過的事情。 

as to 用於動詞後也可用在名詞或形容詞後表示懷疑或詢問。當指人時只能用as for; as to 可用來指物。

 As of 

starting from a particular time: 從某時間開始

As of next month, all the prices will go up. 從下個月開始所有的價格都會調漲 

as of date:    截止日期; 截至日期 

as occassion serves:    一有適宜的機會 

as of date , stodate:    截止日期 

as occasion serves:    當時機有利時; 當有利時 

as of old:    依舊 

as occasion requires:    在必要時 

as of right:    依法當然取得的 

as occasion offers:    有機會時, 機會到來時 

as of that moment:    從此時起

 as occasion demands:    遇必要時 

GRE 單字記憶法 字母A

相似字 tonic toxic

as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to

in the wake of ……而至;由於……的結果

apply to apply for apply 使用法

molt dolt bolt colt cult

GEPT 中高級英文單字 中英文對照表

大學學測指考 7000單字



daunt flaunt haunt gaunt

claim 相似字 notes

ingenuous, indignant, contiguity, indigenous, ingenious, congenital, indigent, 單字記憶法

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