1. When I Was One-and-Twenty

   In this poem, it’s telling about youth of love and there are two speakers who the same man in different ages. The first speaker is a young man who was twenty-one years old and he views love as a trading. The speaker uses commercial imagery to show his feeling such as pounds and guineas. The second speaker is an old wise man who is twenty-two years old. He believes that giving his heart for love is worth, but in the end, the speaker uses ironic word to reflect that he is regret, sorrow and repentance. In the first part of this poem, the speaker is inexperienced and purity, and however, he become sophisticated and experienced in the second part.

2. The world is too much with us

   The speaker use an irony to show us the world is too much with us so an s to lead us loses our power. Getting and spending that meaning produce and custom which waste our power that meaning civilization. We are bound up in persuading civilization and abandon the nature. Beside, we lose our heart include feeling, passion and emotion, so we can not enjoy the sea and wind’s beauty. The nature is no more belongs to us, so the speaker is looking for his power of life because he worships nature. The speaker hopes to be a Pagan and returns to ancient Greek so as to persuade nature even just a glimpse of lea and a sight of Proteus which has changing power of nature in mythological allusion.

3. Richard Cory

   The speakers are a group of people who labor-class people in this poem. Those speakers use denotation and connotation to show us an uncoordinated world in envious tone. The appearance is different from the reality, and wealth, fame and power is nothing. The word, crown is a connotation because its denotation meaning is a circular decoration for the head, usually made of gold and jewels, and worn by a king or queen at official ceremonies. However, in this poem is refers to head. In the last stanza, the words, meat and bread are also had connotation meaning. The meat is refers to wealth and rich and bread is meaning of poor and poverty. 


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