I. term

1. Imagery: Most commonly refers to visual pictures produced verbally though figurative language, although it s often defined more broadly to include sensory experience other than the visual.

2. Ballads: A short poem that tells a simple story and has a repeated refrain. Ballads were originally intended to be sung. Early ballads, known as folk ballads, were passed down through generations, so their authors are often unknown. An example of an anonymous folk ballad is John Keats's "La Belle Dame sans Merci" is examples of literary ballads.

3. Quatrain: A four-line stanza of a poem or an entire poem consisting of four lines.

4. Refrain: A phrase repeated at intervals throughout a poem. A refrain may appear at the end of each stanza or at less regular intervals. It may be altered slightly at each appearance.

5. Narrative: A Verse or prose accounting of an event or sequence of events, real or invented. The term is also used as an adjective in the sense "method of narration." For example, in literary criticism, the expression "narrative technique" usually refers to the way the author structures and presents his or her story.

II. Essay:

‘La Belle Dame sans Merci: A Ballad

     This work is an innovation because it uses a new style of ballad. The whole poem is quatrain stanza. From first stanza to third stanza is the first speaker who a passerby. The setting is early winter and latter autumn. In first stanza, the speaker makes use of scene to points out the emaciation of people. In the beginning of second stanza, the speaker use the form of ballad that repetition with different suspense. Furthermore, in the fourth stanza, the speaker changes into a knight who chases a lady, a fairy child that has supernatural and mysterious connotation which implies the lady maybe comes from another world. Besides, her eyes are wild which refers to passionate mind. As they fall in love with each other, the lady finds three things for the knight. These things includes a cherished, valuable and precious food which a gift of God and honey wild which means the promise the Land of mike and honey. However, the knight wakes up in the finally and finds a very terrible imagery of the lady. The least stanza is echo the first stanza.



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