1."My Last Duchess: it is a poem written by Robert Browning. It uses dramatic monologue skill. It first appeared in 1842 in Browning's Dramatic Lyrics.

2. The Ring and the Book : it is a long dramatic narrative poem. It written  by Robert Browning. The book tells the story of a murder trial in Rome

3.On Liberty: it is a philosophical work in the English language by John Stuart Mill, To the Victorian readers of the time it was a radical work, advocating moral and economic freedom of individuals from the state.

4.Ulysses it is a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson,. It is narrated by an aged Ulysses. As his journey complete, he feels restless and yearns to get back out into the world.

5Emma is a comic novel by Jane Austen, about the perils of misconstrued romance. The main character, Emma Woodhouse, is described in the opening paragraph as "handsome, clever, and rich" but is also rather spoiled.

6. Past and Present: it is a book written by Thomas Carlyle. The book compares the lives of 19th century man with that of a medieval abbot

7. Porphyria's Lover is an early poem by Robert Browning. It is Browning's first short dramatic monologue, and also the first of his poems to examine abnormal psychology.


1. In A vindication of the rights of woman, the speaker advocates equivalence in education between man and woman, so woman would equal men in achievement. Woman can’t take part in politics and domestic decision, so they become coquetry and cunning. If woman have ability to earn money for living, they don’t have to depend on man. They can pursue their lives. Woman’s sexual appear force them to become ladies. Woman taught by the example of their mother, and they obey man in order to obtain the protection of man.

   In subjection of woman, the speaker says that man use power to dominate woman in order to control of them. Woman would become obedience and no self-will, submission and yielding to the control of man. 

   In a room of one’s own, the speakers use compare of Shakespeare and his sister to bring an unfair situation between man and woman. If she has the same ability to write some masterpieces, she would be limited by the substance condition and education.



   In porphyria’s love, the first lines are talking about the nature to reflect the struggle of the speaker. The male speaker is a self-centered, egoistical mind, sick and abnormal person, domination and possession because he hopes porphyria can worship him and belong to him forever. He killed her by her long hair.

   In my last duchess, the speaker talk servant of count about a painting. Through his description, we can figure out his ex-wife who is an easy going woman and energetic and beautiful woman. She is not snobbish, she enjoys nature and treat anyone equal instead. However, the speaker hates her behavior and killed her that reflect he is snobbish, self-centered, egoistic character, domination, jealous, arrogance, pride and greedy person. He wants to control her wife because he is inhuman people and has no sympathy and understanding. He likes collect property because he can take it in hand.

3. The idea of a university, the main idea is liberal education which contains manual exercise and mental nature. University education must contain utility and useful.

 What is poetry, poetry have not special sake. Its form is free and no limitation. . poetry is very different from eloquence.

  Sartor Resartus, the main idea is clothes philosophy which means everything has to fit to the occasion. If appearance doesn’t suit for its reality, it has to get rid of it. Human’s spiritual nature is progressing and continuing. Facing to challenge, people have to keep positive and modifying.


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