Editha lives in upstate New York and she's very excited about the war. When George, her fiance', tells her the war has started, she kisses him "intensely" and says "How glorious!" George thinks war is nasty and really dumb, and he sees nothing glorious about it. However, Editha uses her love for her fiancé, George, to urge him to fight in the Spanish-American War. She threatens to take her love away if George does not do his patriotic duty to his country and go to war. " Not wanting to be out of her favor, George reluctantly goes off to war and is killed. After she gets the news, Editha, dressed all in black and feeling very patriotic indeed, takes the train to Iowa to console George's mother—who turns out to be not at all what Editha imagines.. "You just expected him to kill some one else, some of those foreigners that weren't there because they had any say about it." His mother tells Editha. Editha, shocked, begins to cry. George's mother is relentless. Then she notices Editha's mourning clothes. She tears it off.

     Editha is symbolic of romanticism. In her opinion, if a person participates in war, he will symbolize glory and patriot. She considers that everything in her life is romance. In other word, she lives in her ideal society. Firstly, As George told her about the war, she swooped down the steps to him. This act is always occurs in romance fiction, but Editha let it occurs in her life. Secondly, after George killed, she just has little sad about his death, however, with self-pity, she told others she had worst sick that reflects she really lives in her romance world delighting in it and ever getting tired of it even she does not done those romance things at all. She feels romance and beauty because her lover die suddenly and she shows sorrow for him and falls sick. Thirdly, when she visits George’s mother, she also wear in black so as to show how sorrowful she is. In her imagine that she will console George’s mother and even cry together; nevertheless, George’s mother is tough enough to accept her son’ death. Therefore, her another romance conditions was broken by George’s mother who is symbolic of anti-romance and anti-war person. Last by not least, a lady was sketching Editha’s beauty which in art. Therefore, everything seems that not really as it’s.


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