Nowadays, learning English has become a popular subject in education because English plays an important role in our daily lives, leads us to expand our horizon and becomes international trend. First, development of technology, language plays a communication role in business; especially, English is the common language around the world and everyone take advantage of it in order to negotiate with others. Take foreign corporation for example, as we discuss business with foreigners, we always use English communicating with them; thus, we have to practice English industriously in order to realize what foreign trader says and evade trapping into the contract.

     Second, when we speak English frequently, we may freely go abroad by ourselves instead of asking others for help; besides, we are not afraid of straying or losing our money which may bring terrible trouble to us because we are capable of solving the problems by enriching our knowledge in English.

     Third, we can improve our common sense via learning English. For instance, as we intimate knowledge of foreign culture, we are not fear that we have misunderstanding with foreigners which lead to bring embarrassing to each other; furthermore, we can get the latest information without translation. Therefore, in order to become a person with abundant knowledge and keep up with modern era, we have to learn English in our life.


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