With multiform, various and complicated, all things in the world can divide into two different types; eatable and uneatable things. There two type of things reflect humanity. Human being live in the world by eating anything that contain nutrition as fountainhead in daily life, so God creates two part of all things in the world which is not only can support human’s living ability but also bring interesting and useful things to human being.

    The first type is eatable objects. They include plants, animals, fluid, gas, solid and even poison things. First, eatable things include those food, fruit, vegetable, plants and animals which can be eaten by cooking, stew, fired and decocted. Furthermore, eatable things include any type of things can be absorb and breathe by human being. Inhalation is another kind of eating because the things had take part in physical circulation. Take air for example, human being have capability of inhaling oxygen in order to maintain living, so anything has function of metabolism in human is eatable objects.

    The other kind is uneatable things. There things include appliances, transportation and knowledge that add abundant amusement and   effectively convenience to human’s life. Firstly, as human prepare for meal, we have to use kitchenware that bring more effective to cook than using nothing, and besides, people enjoy their life by taking advantage of entertainment facilities such as KTV and gym . Secondly, human take mass transit to everywhere they want. Thirdly, people expand their horizons by studying books or watching television. Therefore, uneatable objects help human being so much and bring various experiences to human being.


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