With professional knowledge, patience and responsibility, teachers can bring abundant caring and accurately new information to students than those unprofessional teachers in the past. When I was in high school, I figured out the difference between the two kinds of teachers. In high school, Mr. Lin and Mrs. Wu taught me English. Firstly, Mr. Lin had been teaching math for twenty years and he expanded his professional ability by reading English magazine so as to keep his English capability and bring lately information to us. In contrast, Mrs. Wu only taught English two years and she never did any research about English. Moreover, she not only taught English poorly worst but gave us wrong information as well.

    Mr. Lin had patience to the students who are in a low level and took great pains to talk us how to learn well till we really can realize the grammars.Besides, he taught us in vivid and simple ways in order to assist us in knowing how to figure out the answers. However, with boring, hackneyed and tedious skill, Mrs. Wu taught one page or one point in a class. Moreover, As we asked her any questions in textbook, she let us alone. Mr. Lin sometimes told us jokes or shared us his experience that contains his journey of learning English and personal concepts when we were writing down the point he made on the board. However, Mrs. Wu just sat there seriously.

    Mr. Lin was concerned about our situations even out of school classes. He was enthusiastic to help us even daily life problem as soon as we couldn’t solve it by ourselves. Mr. Lin views education as a sacred career sincerely. Contrast to Mrs. Wu, she never pays attention to her students and she regard teaching as a job that she can earn money from it. Therefore, we liked Mr. Lin sincerely. I firmly believe that good teachers are willing to put his hearts and soul on students. And students will keep him in mind and appreciate good teachers forever. 


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