With various culture and unique flavor, Rice Tube Pudding attracts me deeply, because Rice tube pudding contains the best of naturally abundant ingredients so as to acquire the precious flavor.

   The following is my favorite Rice tube pudding that had special flavor and easy to make it. Rice tube pudding contains glutinous rice, pork, oyster, dried mushrooms and dried shrimps. First, the glutinous rice has to immerse in water at least twelve hours; moreover, immerse glutinous into cold water, simultaneously, pour properly hot water into it so as to make good taste. Second, steam immersed glutinous and immerse dried mushrooms and dried shrimps several minutes until it become soft. Thirdly, stir-fry pork with oil ,shrimps and rice wine for several minutes. Then, stem all the ingredients with soy sauce which is making of various seasonings such as sesame oil and aniseed. Fourthly, mix glutinous rice with ingredients and stuffing them into a small bamboo tubes twenty minutes so as to the glutinous rice have perfect fragrance. Last but not least, steam the bamboo tubes at least twenty minute in order to carry out unique flavor by using “Zheng Long” – referring to a steamer made with bamboo or similar material.

    In my opinion, rice tube pudding is the most delicious food, because it dose not only taste wonderful but it also seems putting myself to heaven. Specially, it has slightly bamboo’s fragrance with rice tube pudding.



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