In general, human being is pursuing wealth. This means that human have strong body and in good health so as to do meaningful things rather than has uncountable money or has abundant knowledge and makes use of it to do something good. Good health of human being include physical and spiritual state which without pain, suffering and torment. To sum up , to human being , health play an important part in life and brings happiness, safe and complacence to life.

If people posses transcendent wit, incomparable ability and aplenty money, but they do not have psychological comfort and physical well-being, they can not use those what he possess to do meaningful things and will waste them. Because of health control all part of human being and nothing will be lost. For example, so many famous people who earn money as possible as he can in order to be capitalists, despite the warning of their body and going on work. Eventually, as they get old, they possess  prestige and fortune. However, they lose their health and bring them unchangeable regret because they chase nothing but a false and fantasy wealth.   They must spend more money to buy their health back, but in vain. The only thing to do is suffering from losing health hopelessly. 

      Wealth is important for human being because everyone chase for it, and everyone all figure out its importance. Nevertheless, human being always forget what is the real wealth. Wealth is a person who feels comfortable and releasing himself.



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