Although+ S + V, S + V

Though+ S + V, S + V

Even though S + V, S + V.

Even if S + V, S + V.

much as S + V, S + V.

口訣:雖然有(Although )O肉,但是(but) 把特不想吃 (有O肉就沒有把特)



We are also slowly killing the planet, even though we might not be aware of it(我們也在慢慢殺害地球,雖然我們可能沒有意識到。)

 James never goes to school late , even though he has to spend two hours getting there every day.


Much as I am willing to go with you, I have plenty of homework to do now.(儘管我想跟你去,但是我現在有很多作業要做)

Despite + N/ V-ing , S + V

For all + N/ V-ing , S + V

With all + N/ V-ing , S + V

Notwithstanding + N/ V-ing , S + V

Despite the fact that + S + V, S + V

in spite of/regardless of + N/V-ing

in spite of/regardless of the fact that + S + V

表「雖然;儘管」,為介系詞,後面只能接名詞、動名詞或是加上 the fact that 後接子句,逗點之後再接主要子句。

Despite 後不接of /要使用of 需使用in spite ofregardless of

Despite the cold weather, Sam still went swimming in the lake.

= In spite of the cold weather, Sam still went swimming in the lake.


We found our way home despite losing our map.

= We found our way home in spite of losing our map.



( C )1. My brother acts like a child,    he’s in his middle thirties.  (A) rather     (B) even  (C) even though   (D) however


( D )2.    my great-grandmother is 92 years old, she has a good memory and can walk without a walking stick.


                          (A) Because  (B) But  (C) So that    (D) Even though


 A  + 名詞                        名詞單數時,冠詞要去掉。


 副詞          + as[though]  S + V , ...........       雖然...;儘管...

 分詞                       ßas, though都是「雖然」的意思。


    (1) 她雖是一名學生,卻賺入百萬元。

 Although she is a student, she earns million dollars.

   = Student as she is, she earns million dollars.     冠詞要去掉

 (2) 她雖然很美麗,但卻什麼也不會。

 Although she is beautiful, she is bad at everything.

     = Beautiful though she is, she is bad at everything.

 (3) 即使他去試,他也不可能成功。

Although he may try, he can not succeed.

   = Try as he may, he can not succeed.  甚至連動詞也可以移前


 A. 選出正確的答案

 (  ) 1.    her disappointment at the results, Kelly seemed to remain calm.

(A) Although (B) However (C) In spite of (D) When it comes to

(  ) 2. Despite    up late, we were able to get to the meeting on time.

(A) get (B) getting (C) to get (D) got

(  ) 3.   her doctor told her to rest, she still worked hard day and night.

(A) Though (B) Regardless of (C) Except for (D) But for

(  ) 4. The boy went out without a jacket    the cold weather.

(A) along with (B) far from (C) in addition to (D) in spite of

(  ) 5. Despite     he was only ten, Jeff could run faster than any other kid in the school.

(A)    × (B) of (C) that (D) the fact that


 A. 1. C 2. B 3. A 4. D 5. D 

neither...nor& either..or...&not only...but(also)... 

從屬連接詞 when before after  

If 連接的句子到底要用現在式還是未來式 

Because/so/because of 用法  

As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when 一~就~文法 

although /Much as/ Despite /In spite of 雖然...但是...文法句型 



can't but VR /have no choice but to VR 無法選擇,不得不的用法 






總之,簡言之To sum up 英文作文結語用法 


 not so 與其說是……倒不如說是…… 


No matter what/how/which/who/where/when 




 lead to / result in / bring about / cause /give rise to/ contribute to/ conduce to 用法


other than/besides/except/except for/aside from/apart from文法使用方式


 當介係詞使用的to ,後加v-ing


 雙重否定句 not,never,no without/butVR




 unless if not 用法




 英文越來越比較級與雙重比較句the 比較級,the 比較級


 assist/consist/resist/persist/insist/Persevere 用法


 lest/for fear of /for fear that /in case of /in case/ in the case of 文法


 There is no denying that or what how when 名詞子句


 ...也不為過英文句型 can't too


 not to mention/not much of a 使用方法


 nothing but/ anything but/ everything but 用法


 As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when ~~文法


 表雖然although /Much as/ Despite /In spite of 句型


 that 同位語




 It 作虛主詞的常見句型


 A along with B 使用方式


 as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to




 in the wake of ……而至;由於……的結果


 apply to apply for apply 使用法








 主詞動詞一致 note


 接動名詞的動詞片語 notes


 prefer to rather than 文法


 rise arise raise arouse 使用方式 notes


 準關係代名詞 as but than文法 notes


 It is/was 被強調部分+ that 子句強調句文法


 英文worth worthy worthwhile用法 notes


 英文分數表示法英文倍數 notes




 形容詞的順序與位置 notes


 複合關係代名詞what 關係副詞 when where 分詞片語ving&p.p.


 Be known for,as, to 的差別


 If 假設語氣文法



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