not give sb the time of day 不理睬某人;不跟某人講話

Mat had tried hard to ask Mary out, but she wouldn’t even give him the time of day.


close/shut one’s eye to 不理睬

turn a deaf ear to 不願意聽;不理會

give sb. the cold shoulder 冷落某人


at once 同時 simultaneously

Come here at once! 立刻到這裡來!

at once 立刻 immediately

I can't do two things at once. 我無法同時做兩件事。


all at once 突然 suddenly

All at once she lost her temper .她突然大發雷霆。

just for once 就這麼一次

Can't you just be on time for once?你能不能準時一次?

once in a while 偶爾

Drop me a line once in a while .有空给我写信。

once (and) for all 永遠地;徹底地

Look , we need to settle this thing once and for all


once upon a time 從前

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess living in the castle.


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