not bat an eye 神情自若;態度不慌不忙

She heard the news without batting an eye.


比較: Bat an eye 眨一下眼睛

the apple of one’s eye ~的心肝寶貝;~極重視的對象 ;掌上明珠

Mary’s cat is the apple of her eye. (瑪莉的貓咪是瑪莉的掌上明珠)

in the eyes of 人 ph.在...心目中; 從...來看

In the eyes of many Chinese students, grades are everything.


have the wool pulled over one’s eyes 矇蔽某人

Don’t let the real estate agents pull the wool over your eyes. Ask them for a list of all the hidden charges. 不要讓房地產仲介欺騙你,要求他們列出所有價錢清單。

turn a blind eye to sth 視而不見 turn a deaf ear to something/someone聽而不聞

The police had turned a blind eye to the matter. 警方對那一事件視而不見。

easy on the eye 好看的

Emily may be easy on the eye but she is totally conceited.


keep an eye on sth仔細看守好; 細心照顧.

Could you keep an eye on my luggage for a moment? 你能幫我照看一會兒行李嗎

see eye to eye with sb (與某人)看法完全一致.

My father and I have never seen eye to eye where politics is involved.


cast sheep’s eyes at sb 對某人做媚眼…

There came a wealthy stock broker who cast sheep's eyes at the beautiful girl.

那兒來了一個富有的證券經紀人, 他含情脈脈地看著這位漂亮的姑娘。

keep one’s eyes peeled 留心;警覺;注意(某人或某事物)」,與keep one's eyes open 同義

Keep your eyes peeled/open for a gas station. (注意看一下有沒有加油站)

have eyes in the back of one’s head 眼觀四方;目光敏銳;甚麼都能察覺到

As a teacher handling two violent children, I have to have eyes in the back of my head in the classroom. 身為老師要處理兩名暴力孩童,我必須在教室能夠觀察敏銳。

An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth 以眼還眼,以牙還牙

“An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth” is a saying from the Bible.

Beauty is un the eye of the beholder. 情人眼裡出西施

I don’t understand how he can think she is good looking , but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 我不明白他怎麼會認為她漂亮,不過情人眼裡出西施罷了

open sb.'s eyes to ph.使某人認識到(...); 使某人看清(...)


    open sb.'s eyes to easy on the eye


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