we use some and any in the same position. In a sentence, we put some and any before a noun phrase. Therefore, please be careful and don't use some or any after the noun.

we use some in positive states that do not have a negative or positive statements. Here are a few examples :

EX.1 I need some butter.

some is before the noun

EX.2 we have some food.

some comes before the word food

I want to make sure it's about requests we use some in a couple of different question patterns one of them is making referrals requests we can use some in the request.

Here are a few examples :

Can I take some time off ?

we use some here because it's a request making a request to your boss first in this case we should use some can I have some time off

Will you give me some space?

you give me space to another request we can tell will you give me this is a very good hint that someone is asking for something else

Can he take care of some things for me?

can he take care of some things for me in this case it's asking for help in a situation so it's a request we should use the word some

I want to talk about is using some for offers. To make offers we should use some again. Offers like requests are a question.This is a question where we should use the word some to make the question.

So in the first example

Would you like some wine ?

we use would you like this is a really good pattern to know would you like some blah blah blah would you like some wine would you like some beer would you like some a few other things and just a moment but we should use some here because it's an offer type question.

We use any in negative statements ,so for example I don't have any money here. “ Do not” is the negative here. I don't have any money there is correct.

They didn't get any new clothes.

So we should use any before are nouns.

We didn't make any cookies here.

Didn't is in the negative form again a past tense statement plus any before are now here in this trial is so please use any when you want to make a negative statement

We use any with questions yet but we use requests and offers we just learned that we use some to make requests and offers ,so if other questions like information questions asking for information request not for an offer but asking for information.

For example ,we use any in these cases.

Do we need any salt?

This is an information question yes or no.

we should use this here this is not a request trial offer any is the best choice for this sentence.

Does he have any markers ? This is an information question the person try asking for information so we should use any here.

Do we have milk ? I mean information. I'm not making a request. I'm not making an offer. I want information, so I should use any in this case.

Can I have Bubba black cake? here I'm looking for something. I'm looking for cake. I want cake.I know that requests are paired with some so I'm going to use some in this sentence.

Can I have some cake is the correct sentence. The correct question, but I really need some money. I really need something. Something and money is a statement not a question and there's no negative trial, so we should use the positives.

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