be known as = be famous as 意為“作為……而著名”,為人所知,其後的名詞表示一個人的身份、職業等。如:

He is known as a singer.他以作為一個歌手而出名。

We’re sure you’ll be well-known as an artist.我們相信你會成為一位著名的畫家。

We're sure you'll be famous as an artist.


be known for N/V-ing意為“因……(特色)聞名”,其後所接內容表示某人或物的特點、特長等。如:

=be well-known for  = be famous for= be noted for= be celebrated for

=be distinguished for (以...【好事】而著名)

Mt. Ali is known for its beautiful sunrise.阿里山以日出而聞名。

Mt.Ali is famous for its beautiful sunrise.

Mt.Ali is noted for its beautiful sunrise.



be known to 以...被認識    “為……所瞭解/知道”,其後接表示人的詞語。

He is known to all in our village.村子裡的人都瞭解他。


He was known to have invented many things.

=It was known that he had invented many things.人們都知道他已經發明瞭很多東西。


be known in 意為“在某地很著名”。如:

He is well-known in the town where he was born.他在自己出生的那個鎮子上很出名


be known by 從..區別/辨識

A bird is known by its note , and a man by his talk


A man is known by the company he keeps





be notorious for= be infamous for因...(特質)而惡名昭彰

be notorious as= be infamous as 因...(身分)而惡名昭彰

The man was notorious for bullying people into doing things for him.



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as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to   

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apply to apply for apply 使用法  

Be known for,as, to 的差別  

英文worth worthy worthwhile用法 notes 










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