1.        blow out 吹熄 If you blow out a flame or a candle, you blow at it so that it stops burning.

2.        burn /go out 熄滅、燒盡 If a fire burns itself out, it stops burning because there is nothing left to burn

  1. 3.        get out 出去  Get out of my room, Tony.
  2. 4.        take out 取出、拿出去  Please take out your stuff and leave here.
  3. 5.        take out 外出  Father took me out to dinner.
  4. 6.        dig out 挖掘出、發現  I dug out some important facts.
  5. 7.        watch / look out 小心  Watch out for the angry dogs.
  6. 8.        ask sb out 邀某人出去  Are you asking me out?
  7. 9.        carry out 實踐 She finally carried out her promise to quit smoking.
  8. 10.    point out指出 He pointed out the mistake to me. 他向我指出錯誤。
  9. 11.    help out 幫助擺脫困境 If you help someone out, you help them by doing some work for
                            them or by lending them some money

   有介詞 of 的片語:

    1. 1.        be afraid of 害怕 I am afraid of swimming.
    2. 2.        be scared of 害怕 She is scared of Mr. Lin.
    3. 3.        be sick / tired of 討厭、厭倦 I am sick of your arrogance and rudeness.
    4. 4.        be full of = be filled with充滿 The pond is full of shrimps.
    5. 5.        be sure of 確定 I am sure of his coming.
    6. 6.        be proud of 為榮 I am so proud of your bravery.
    7. 7.        be short of 缺少 The office is short of paper now.
    8. 8.        because of 因為…  I won’t go fishing today because of the storm.
    9. 9.        in place of 代替某人  I went to Africa on business in place of my coworker.
    10. 10.    instead of 人或事、物  取而代之 I went to SOGO department store instead of the bookstore.
    11. 11.    run out of 用完… The bathroom has run out of the toilet paper.
    12. 12.    remind sb of sth 使某人想起某事

This hotel reminds me of the one we stayed in last year.

  1. 13.    think of 想起  Listening to the song makes me think of you.
  2. 14.    hear of 聽說   Have you heard of the matter?
  3. 15.    worst of all 最糟糕地 Worst of all , I lost my all savings in a night.
  4. 16.    first of all 首先 First of all, you have to wash up your face and then make up your face.
  5. 17.    out of order 發生故障;違反議事規則;順序紊亂

    My radio is out of order. I need to buy a new one.

  1. 18.    out of danger 脫離險境

 We are nearly bitten by the sharks. Fortunately, we are out of danger now.

  1. 19.    out of date 過時的  Your news is out of date.
  2. 20.    out of season 非盛產季節  Pineapples are out of season now.

   有介詞 to 的片語:

  1. 1.        be new to ….不熟、沒經驗 Though he was new to the work, he was doing it very well.
  2. 2.        be / get used to Ving習慣於 I got used to staying up late when I was a student.
  3. 3.        be junior to 年輕、資淺  I am junior to you by 2 years.

junior to 已經是比較級句型,不用than)●

  1. 4.        be senior to年輕、資深 I am senior to Alex in the office.

senior to 已經是比較級句型,不用than)●

  1. 5.        be known to  ….….所熟知  Obama is well known to Americans.
  2. 6.        be married to  嫁給….  Nina was married to Joe 5 years ago.
  3. 7.        be similar to… 相似 Your house is similar to mine.
  4. 8.        be the same as… 一樣  Your hat is the same as mine.
  5. 9.        listen to 聆聽 People should listen to their hearts.
  6. 10.    lead to 導致、引導到 All roads lead to Rome.條條大路通羅馬
                        Your laziness led to your failure.
  7. 11.    invite…to… 邀請去…  Mrs. Huang invited me to dinner.
  8. 12.    introduce …to 介紹….  Allow me introduce my cousin to you guys.
  9. 13.    belong to …(沒有被動)屬於…  The house and the car belong to me.
  10. 14.    help oneself to 自行取用…. Please help yourself to the food.
  11. 15.    pay a visit to sb = call on sb = visit sb 造訪、拜訪  I paid a visit to my cousin last week.
                    call at +
    地點造訪某地  I called at Disney island last summer.
  12. 16.    pay attention to Noun/Ving 專注於….  You must pay attention to the details.
  13. 17.    事情happen to 某人發生某事  What happened to you two days ago?
    happen to V  某人恰巧….. I happen to have two tickets for a great concert tomorrow.
  14. 18.    answer to …的答案  What is the answer to that question?
  15. 19.    key to ….的鑰匙、關鍵  This is the key to success in business.
  16. 20.    get to 地方  抵達…  I need to get to the local market at 5 p.m.
  17. 21.    to one’s surprise,…. ….驚訝的是,…..  To my surprise, Jay won the award.
  18. 22.    prefer …. to….. 喜歡…..勝過….  I preferred black tea to coffee.
  19. 23.    according to 根據 We are not able to go mountain climbing according to the broadcast.
  20. 24.    be used to VR 物被使用來做…. The solar purse is used to charge cellphone.
  21. 25.    be used for V-ing 而使用某物 The chocolate is used for making cake.
  22. 26.    be sure to V確定去做某事 Be sure to get up early tomorrow.

   有介詞on 的片語:

  1. 1.        on TV 在電視節目中  I saw my friend, Linda appear on TV.
  2. 2.        on the TV 在電視機上 Your wallet is on the TV.
  3. 3.        on the school team  在校隊中 I was playing basketball on the school team then.
  4. 4.        on the radio 在收音機裡  I like to listen to the latest pop music on the radio.
  5. 5.        on the phone 在電話中 Don’t talk loudly on the phone during the movie.
  6. 6.        on the cell phone 在手機中 Don’t talk on the cell phone for a long time. It costs a lot!
  7. 7.        on the CD player CD播放機中 I like to listen to the radio on the CD player.
  8. 8.        on the computer 在電腦上 Students in Taiwan learn how to create a paper on the computer.
  9. 9.        on the Internet 在網路上 I met my key pale, Linda on the blog on the Internet.
  10. 10.    on the screen 在螢光幕上  Children should not watch violent content on the screen.
  11. 11.    on the top of the mountain = on the mountaintop 在山頂 My house is on the mountaintop.
  12. 12.    on the mountainside 在山坡、山腰上 I have a villa on the mountainside.
  13. 13.    on the farm 在田裡、在農場裡 I kept many sheep, goats ,and cattle on the farm.
    in the field 在田野間、on the ranch 在牧場上、in the pasture在牧場中)
  14. 14.    on earth 在世界上、究竟 There are seven wonders on earth.
                            What on earth are you talking about?
  15. 15.    on vacation / on holiday /渡假中 My family are on vacation now.
  16. 16.    on business 因公出差 Ms. Chen went on a trip to France on business.
  17. 17.    on sale 在拍賣中 The china is on sale.
  18. 18.    on a diet 節食中 My mom is always on a diet.
  19. 19.    on time 準時in time 及時) I have to go to work on time.
  20. 20.    on the weekend 在週末 I like to watch HBO’s movies on the weekend.
  21. 21.    on weekdays 在工作日  Please call the clerk on the weekdays.
  22. 22.    on Mondays = every Monday每週一
  23. 23.    depend on 依賴  My family’s income depends on my father’s salary.
  24. 24.    live on …為主食、靠維生  Most Asians live on rice.
  25. 25.    on the bed 在床上 Don’t lie on the bed all day.
  26. 26.    on foot 用腳走 We have to go to the villa on foot right now.
  27. 27.    go on +Ving = keep/continue + Ving 繼續 Let’s go on reading the article.
  28. 28.    on one’s own = by oneself 獨自、靠自己 I want to make money on my own.
  29. 29.    focus on = concentrate on 專注於 As a student ,You must focus on the study.
  30. 30.    get on the bus/train/plane/MRT捷運/gondola(纜車) 上公車/火車/飛機/捷運/纜車(可站立)
  31. 31.    get off the bus/train/plane/MRT捷運/ gondola(纜車) 下公車/火車/飛機/捷運/纜車(可站立)
  32. 32.    get in the car / taxi/cable car(纜車) 上車/上計程車/上纜車 (不可站立)
  33. 33.    get out of the car / taxi/ cable car(纜車) 下車/下計程車/下纜車 (不可站立)

   有副詞on 的片語:

  1. 1.        put on ..穿上  Put on your pants and T-shirt.
    take off
    脫掉  Take off your clothes.
  2. 2.        turn on  打開  I turn on the TV and watch the latest news every night.
    turn off
    關掉   Don’t turn off the lamp.
  3. 3.        try on 試穿    It is a nice blouse. You may want to try it on.
  4. 4.        put on weight  增加體重  God! He has put on much weight lately.
  5. 5.        lose weight 減重  Girls always think about how to lose weight quickly.
  6. 6.        hold on 稍等 Please hold on. I will have Mr. Collin speak to you.
  7. 7.        pass on = pass away = die 死亡  My grandpa passed on naturally.
  8. 8.        pass on 繼續下去 ,傳遞

   有副詞down 的片語:

  1. 1.        break down 故障 My computer broke down 10 minutes ago.
  2. 2.        fall down 倒下來  A bridge fell down in London two days ago.
  3. 3.        burn down 燒毀  The fire burned my villa down last week.
  4. 4.        put down  放下   Put down your weapon.
  5. 5.        turn down  婉拒某人  The pretty girl has turned me down several times.
  6. 6.        turn down the radio 把收音機關小聲
  7. 7.        turn down the heater把暖氣機關小一點
  8. 8.        turn down the volume把聲量關小一點
  9. 9.        turn up the radio把收音機開大聲
  10. 10.    turn up the heater把暖氣機開大一點
  11. 11.    turn up the volume把聲量開大一點














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