一、as such 的意義
as such最基本的原始含義為正如這樣作為這樣的……”,但在不同語境中,其語義會或多或少有所不同。
1. as much表示從字面意義看嚴格地/準確地就(上述詞)字面意義而言

Parasites as such are known to be harmful… A recent study has revealed that parasites can become more helpful rather than harmful.

The new job is not a promotion as such but it brings good prospects for the future.



as such用於此義譯成漢語時,未必需要明確譯出,有時可在字裡行間滲透出其義。

  The reason the doctor was considering voting for my opponent was not my position on abortion as such.

  Dora is a brilliant scholar and is everywhere recognized as such.



  Fungal spores as such do not cause nasal inflamation in mold exposure.暴露在黴菌中時,真菌孢子本身並不引起鼻炎。

此時as such一般用來建立句際聯繫,意指上下句之間有因果關係。

  The verb author, which had been out of use for a long period, has been rejuvenated in recent years with the sense “to assume responsibility for the content of a published text.” As such it is not quite synonymous with the verb write.


as with... 如同……的情況一樣;如同……一樣

 As with some people who have long lived apart, solitude seemed to look out of its countenance .



as to... 關於,至於 

 1. concerning “關於……方面”、“有關……的事”,多用於句中,但也可置於句首,以示強調。

As to correcting our homework, the teacher always makes us do it ourselves. 




He was uncertain as to which road to take.

There's no decision as to when the work might start.


3. 引出做事的根據,意思是“按照”、“根據”。

They sorted the eggs as to size and color. 他們按照大小和顏色將雞蛋進行分類。

 as for... 至於

as for sth./ sb.

As for my past, I'm not telling you anything. 關於我的過去, 我什麼都不會告訴你。 

as for 一般用於句首, 和 as to 一樣, 用於再次提到已說過的事情。 

as to 用於動詞後也可用在名詞或形容詞後表示懷疑或詢問。當指人時只能用as for; as to 可用來指物。

starting from a particular time: 從某時間開始

As of next month, all the prices will go up. 從下個月開始所有的價格都會調漲 

as of date:    截止日期; 截至日期 

as occassion serves:    一有適宜的機會 

as of date , stodate:    截止日期 

as occasion serves:    當時機有利時; 當有利時 

as of old:    依舊 

as occasion requires:    在必要時 

as of right:    依法當然取得的 

as occasion offers:    有機會時, 機會到來時 

as of that moment:    從此時起

 as occasion demands:    遇必要時 



國中進階800單字 1200至2000單  


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