S + V + lest S (should) VR

→ S + V + for fear that S should/might VR


相關句型還有S+V+for fear of + V-ing

S+V+ in order not to + VR

S+V+so as not to + VR

S+V+not to + VR...

(1) S + V...for fear of + V-ing


• We should be careful of what we say for fear of hurting others.


• We must pay close attention to traffic safety for fear of having accidents.


We have to study hard for fear of failing the test.



(2) S + V...in order not to + VR       不定詞的否定在To VR前加not

in order not to 可與 so as not to 以及not to 交換使用。

We should exercise every day in order not to be sick.




S + V + lest S (should) VR

S + V + for fear that + S + should/might VR

lest + S + (should) VR之句型在現代英文中已漸漸為for fear that取代。

• We started early for fear that we should get caught in the traffic.



4 補充句型so that + S + 否定動詞

S + V...so that/in order that + S + 否定動詞

• Many girls avoid eating sweets so that they may not gain weight.

→ Many girls avoid eating sweets lest they (should) gain weight.

→ Many girls avoid eating sweets for fear that they should/might gain weight.

→ Many girls avoid eating sweets so as not to gain weight.


5 補充句型in case + S + (should) VR...

(1) ...in case of + N是介係詞片語,用來描述「如果 / 當事情發生時我們該做些什麼」,意思和 in case 差不多。因為 of 是介係詞,後面通常加名詞或代名詞,常用結構為「 in case of + 名詞 / 代名詞」。

In case of emergency, call the police. 如果發生緊急事件,打給警察

(2) ...in case + S + (should) VR

in case 是連接詞片語,用來描述「我們要預先做好某些準備,以防萬一」。置於句首可當if 使用,當作「萬一」解,後面則可接現在式或過去式。

Write the telephone number down in case you forget.



in the case of 意思是「至於;在情況下」,在提及另一件事情時可以使用。

In the case of his health, he shouldn’t go out.就他的健康狀況來說,他不應該外出。

in any case無論如何,相當於at any rate at any price at any cost whatever happens.

In any case, you had better consult the doctor.

At any rate, you had better consult the doctor. 無論如何你最好去請醫生診察。

in no case 在任何情形下決不; 無論如何都不,置於句首時,須用倒裝語序。如:

In no case are you to leave your post


In no case will he give up the experiment


such being the case既然如此,情況既然是這樣

Such being the case , i ' ll go there alone



can't but VR /have no choice but to VR 無法選擇,不得不的用法 






總之,簡言之To sum up 英文作文結語用法 


 not so much...as... 與其說是……倒不如說是…… 


No matter what/how/which/who/where/when 




 lead to / result in / bring about / cause /give rise to/ contribute to/ conduce to 用法


other than/besides/except/except for/aside from/apart from文法使用方式


 當介係詞使用的to ,後加v-ing


 雙重否定句 not,never,no without/butVR




 unless if not 用法




 英文越來越比較級與雙重比較句the 比較級,the 比較級


 assist/consist/resist/persist/insist/Persevere 用法


 lest/for fear of /for fear that /in case of /in case/ in the case of 文法


 There is no denying that or what how when 名詞子句


 ...也不為過英文句型 can't too


 not to mention/not much of a 使用方法


 nothing but/ anything but/ everything but 用法


 As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when ~~文法


 表雖然although /Much as/ Despite /In spite of 句型


 that 同位語




 It 作虛主詞的常見句型


 A along with B 使用方式


 as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to




 in the wake of ……而至;由於……的結果


 apply to apply for apply 使用法








 主詞動詞一致 note


 接動名詞的動詞片語 notes


 prefer to rather than 文法


 rise arise raise arouse 使用方式 notes


 準關係代名詞 as but than文法 notes


 It is/was 被強調部分+ that 子句強調句文法


 英文worth worthy worthwhile用法 notes


 英文分數表示法英文倍數 notes




 形容詞的順序與位置 notes


 複合關係代名詞what 關係副詞 when where 分詞片語ving&p.p.


 Be known for,as, to 的差別


 If 假設語氣文法


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