take delight in

be delighted to VR               樂於;喜歡

be delighted with/ N    

Sth delight sb 使高興

Ex:   * I take delight in going shopping in my free time. (我有空時喜歡購物)

        * Jenny is delighted with the art work.(Jenny對那件藝術作品很滿意)

        * My academic achievement delighted my parents a lot.

   =My parents were delighted with my academic achievement.



be pleased with N

be pleased to VR         ….滿意、喜歡

be pleased at N/V-ing

The manager is pleased with Mary’s performance. (經理對Mary的表現很滿意)

be pleased with表示……滿意;喜歡……”後面通常接指人的名詞或代詞。

Cindy must be please to see you again. (Cindy 一定很高興再看到你。)

be pleased to表示很高興或很樂意做某事,其中to是不定詞,後面接原形動詞。

I am pleased at seeing so many students present. (我很高興看到這麼多學生出席。)

be pleased at表示(看到或聽到的)事感到高興,後面接指事的名詞或V-ing




plea·sant adj.美味的;令人愉快的

please v. [T](人)取悅,使高興

pleased adj.(人)高興地


plea·sure n. [U, C]愉快,樂事



pleasant放在名詞的前面修飾表示:「令人愉快的~」,如a pleasant day令人愉快的一天


What a pleasant day! We spent all day relaxing at the beach




I find it hard to please my new boss. I don’t know what to do.






+ be pleasing to某事令……感到很愉快、滿意


My parents are satisfied with my performance.




The result was very pleasing to everyone in the world.




take pleasure in:以……為樂


It’s one’s pleasure that/ to V:這是某人的榮幸……


Nancy takes great pleasure in playing the piano.




It’s my pleasure to introduce our company’s latest product.





be glad to VR

be glad that 子句

I am glad to find my money back. (我很開心找回我的錢)

I was glad that Mike got a promotion. (Mike 升職我很開心)


be /feel elated興高采烈的

Tank felt elated that he had permission to go out for an hour.



be thrilled (with) 高興的,激動的

be thrilled to + 原形動詞

be thrilled that + 子句

I was thrilled that so many people support me.


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