persuade sb. into V-ing       說服sb去做某事  

persuade sb. to VR             說服sb去做某事

persuade sb.  of N              使某人相信某事

dissuade sb. from V-ing       勸阻sb去做某事

She persuaded the jury of her innocence. (他使陪審團相信她是無辜的)

The salesman persuaded me into buying his goods. (售貨員說服我買它的產品)

By the end of the meeting, my professor had persuaded me to change the dissertation topic.(在會議結束前,我的教授已經說服我更改論文題目)

The doctor dissuaded me from smoking.(醫生勸阻我抽菸)’


talk sb into N/V-ing     說服sb去做某事

talk sb out of N/V-ing   勸阻sb去做某事

The guide talks the tourist into buying souvenirs. (導遊說服遊客購買伴手禮)

My mother talks me out of playing mobile games. (我母親勸阻我玩手遊)


coax sb. to do sth

coax sb. into doing sth  哄某人做某事

coax sb. out of a bad mood 耐心開導某人擺脫壞心情

I coaxed Judy into taking me to a movie. 我說服Judy帶我去看電影。

開心高興英文怎麼說be delighted to VR  






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