free [fri] adj.空閒的;自由的;免費的

I’m free next Friday.我下星期五有空。

Buy one, get one free. 買一送一

Admission is free for children under 12.


You are free to go or stay. 去留隨你便。

free [fri] v. [T]釋放,使……得自由 release

The prisoner will be freed from prison next week.


free [fri] adv.免費地 ,無約束地

Don't let the dogs run free. 別讓狗到處亂跑。

freedom n. [U]自由

People in this country enjoy freedom of education.


free from 免於

The toner is free from alcohol.


N-free (不含……的):sugar-free無糖的,duty-free免稅的 ,alcohol-free toners 不含酒精的化妝水

In one’s free time 在某人有空時

In my free time, I like to go jogging with my pet.當我有空時我喜歡與我的寵物一起去慢跑。


A:Excuse me. Is this seat taken?(不好意思,這位子有人坐嗎?)

B:No, It's free.  (沒有,它是空著的。)



國中進階800單字 1200至2000單 


argue, quarrel, debate, dispute, discuss 的不同使用情況 

far 與 care 相關字意用法 

相似字 tonic toxic  

molt dolt bolt colt cult 

decide/beside/besides 相似字 

daunt flaunt haunt gaunt 

Stature Statute Status Statue illegible eligible 

claim 相似字 notes 

ingenuous, indignant, contiguity, indigenous, ingenious, congenital, indigent, 單字記憶法 

used to VR /be used to V-ing / be used to  

high/highly/hard/hardly/late/lately 差別 

last/latest/last one 用法 

Go to church VS. Go to the church 有the沒the 大不同  

someday one day the order day some other day 用法 

work in /work for /work out /work at 

last/latest/last one 用法 

very , much , very much , only 副詞的用法 

do 與make 用法的不同  

talk speak say tell 說的用法 

數量詞的用法many much a few a little some any  

spend cost take 花錢花時間的用法(講義) 

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