(      D    ) 1.  In the picture, the boy is ________ the old man.
(A) smiling at
(B) dancing with
(C) cheering for
(D) bowing to



C ) 2. Listen! The baby ________ in the bedroom. Why don’t you go in and take a look?
(A) cried
(B) cries
(C) is crying
(D) will cry



D ) 3. Jill is ________ that the city park is closed for the music festival because now she can’t jog there.
(A) excited
(B) proud
(C) scared
(D) unhappy

3. Jill對於那座公園因為在舉辦音樂節而不對外開放,使她無法去慢跑的事感到「不開心」,選(D)。(A)興奮的;(B)驕傲的;(C)害怕的。

A ) 4. Steven wants to be a ________, because he loves to watch people enjoy the food he prepares.
(A) cook
(B) doctor
(C) driver
(D) farmer

4. Steven想成為一位「廚師」,因為他喜歡看著人們享用他所準備的食物,選(A)。(B)醫師;(C)司機;(D)農夫。

C ) 5. Paul misses his parents a lot. He ________ them since he came to work in Taiwan a year ago.
(A) didn’t see
(B) doesn’t see
(C) hasn’t seen
(D) won’t see



B ) 6. Our teacher Ms. Wu seldom laughs, but when she ________, everyone in the same building can hear her.
(A) can
(B) does
(C) has
(D) will



D ) 7. My sister is coming to my home today. She ________ with me for a week.
(A) stays
(B) stayed
(C) has stayed
(D) will stay



B ) 8. Edward had worked as a computer engineer for ten years. This ________ helped him a lot when he started his own computer shop.
(A) chance
(B) experience
(C) hobby
(D) knowledge

8. Edward當電腦工程師已經十年。這個「經驗」在他開自己的電腦店時,給他很多幫助,選(B)。(A)機會;(C)嗜好;(D)知識。

B ) 9. If you’re interested in our business plan, ________ this number and ask for Ms. Lee. She’ll answer your questions.
(A) calling
(B) call
(C) and call
(D) to call

9.連接詞if連接兩個子句,第二句缺乏主詞,又and之後連接祈使句(ask for Ms. Lee),故要用原形動詞,選(B)。

A )10. Jimmy would not get up for breakfast, ________ his dad had already tried to pull him from his bed several times.
(A) although
(B) because
(C) if
(D) until

10. Jimmy不願意起床吃早餐,「儘管」他父親已經試著將他拖下床好幾次,選(A)。(B)因為;(C)如果;(D)直到。

C )11. Duncan spent all his money trying to ________ the bookstore his mom left him. Sadly, the business never got better, and he had to close it in the end.
(A) build
(B) buy
(C) save
(D) start

11. Duncan花了他所有的錢試著「拯救」他媽媽留給他的書店。難過地是,書店生意從未變好過,於是最後他必須將書店結束營業,選(C)。


C )12. Fiona loves listening to her children sing songs ________ at school.
(A) are learned
(B) that learned
(C) they learned
(D) that they are learned

12. Fiona愛聽她的小孩唱「他們在學校學過的」歌曲。此句先行詞是物songs,關代當受格可省略,故選(C)。(D)為被動式,與句意不符。

B )13. Beverly eats lots of snacks ________ meals. That’s why she is often too full to eat anything at mealtimes.
(A) after
(B) between
(C) during
(D) from


A )14. Nora: Can I check your drawer for some tools we can use?

             Matt: Sure. Take a look. See if you can find ________ in there.

(A) any
(B) it
(C) others
(D) those












There is/ There are 有某物.... 


have 用法總整 


頻率副詞的用 always usually often sometimes seldom never 




It is/was 被強調部+ that  強調句文


 As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when ~~ 


as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to  








not to mention/not much of a 使用方 






differ in differ from differ with 


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