I. Term

1.     Tone: The author’s attitude toward the subject or audience.

2.     Theme: The controlling ideals or meaning of a work of art.

3.     Synecdoche: A figure of speech in which the part is used to signify the whole or, less frequently, the whole is used to signify the part.

4.     Genre: A French word meaning kind or type. The major genres in literature are poetry, fiction, drama, and essays. Genre can also refer to more specific types of literature such as comedy, tragedy, epic poetry, or science fiction

5.     A.E.Housman: usually known as A.E. Housman, was an English poet and classical scholar, now best known for his cycle of poems A Shropshire Lad.

II. Essay:

In My Team Ploughng

    In my team ploughing, the feature of this poem is a death man who dialogize with his still living friend., The death man worry about his plough and land in first stanza, so he ask his friend whether the farm continue to plough or not. In the second stanza, the living man responds to death man. Therefore, the poem becomes a dialogue. The tone is pessimistic, and it seems to convey a different world in this poem. Everything seems to be consistent from beginning to end, so the death man is over worry. The poem reflects four themes, firstly, the indifference of the world. The second theme is the indifference of human beings. The third theme is the smallness of men. The fourth theme reflects there is not true love or loyalty in the world because in the last stanza the second speaker talks about the death man‘s girl friend just lives a better life than before.


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