II. Essay

1. ‘To Autumn’

   ‘To Autumn’ is divided into three stanzas, and these stanzas have individual setting, action, scene, imagery and tone which reflect entirely different feeling in the poem. In the first stanza, the time is early autumn at the morning because there are some mists. The scene is located at country yard that farmers bend the apple trees and everyone is vividly active in the farm for harvest. The visual imagery leads us to a hilarious, cheered and exhilarated scene. The tone is energetic, hopeful and happy. The speaker show us a lifelike situation by using personification, so leading us to know every plants grow into mellow, plump and swell fruit and the fame will plan how to load and bless those ripeness, maturing and mellow fruit.

   In the second stanza, the time goes to mid-autumn and everything become carelessness and drowse. The scene is also in the farm but everything without energy and the action is passive. The speaker release this information though using the passive verb such as Drows’d and spares. The imagery is visual and smelling. For example, Drows’d with the fume of poppies while thy hook. (line 17) and the laden-head has double meaning that refers to lower the head and abundant fruit . The tone is satisfied and contented.

   In the third stanza, the time change into late autumn in the dusk because the barred cloud bloom the soft-dying day. The scene is located at plains. The imagery is sound that song of spring. There is no action at all because the winter is coming. Using dies and mourns that connation of sadness, inactivity and stillness. The tone is full with sense of sadness. The sound of insects indicates the passing of time.

2. ‘So, we’ll go on more a roving’

   In this poem, roving has two meanings which refer to wonder and hesitate. The sakes are to make promise or action. With the connotation of roving, there are two themes in this poem. Firstly, now we stop here and say good-bye, and we go on a date tomorrow. Seizing the day is the second theme. Therefore, the second stanza communicate seize the day in moment because the soul wears out the breast and heart pause to breathe which is connotation of death. Therefore, they must be seize the day and fall in live with each other right away.


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