As a moneyless schoolmaster in a remote area of Algeria, Daru lives like a monk who doesn’t need to pursue fortune. Daru sees Balducci who he had known for a long time, captures an Arab with a rope and treats Arab cruelly as a beast. In contrast, as Daru sees this situation, he treats Arab moderately as a guest. For example, he takes a tea and brings a chair for Arab that let Arab feel more comfortable and warm. Then, Balducci tell Daru that he will go back to El Ameur and Daru has to deliver Arab to Tinguit. However, Daru doesn’t want to do such cruel thing , so he has quarrel with Balducci. Balducci has ambition to persuade Daru to finish this duty, therefore, he tell Daru something about Arab’s crime and warn Daru that he has to be careful with Arab meticulously because Arab killed his cousin with a billhook and Arab seems like a animal to killed person without humanity. After quarrel, Balducci request Daru sings the paper for him in order to make sure that his duty had finished and Daru will deliver Arab to Tinguit. Daru puzzle about Arab’s future because he doesn’t want to make such bitterly decision for Arab. This matter hunts him every night. Finally, he let Arab choice his life by himself; however, Arab choice death of the trip.

    In guest, Daru is torn between duty and what he believes what’s the right thing to do when he is forced in the middle of a situation he does not expect. Balducci’s duty ideology seems really conflict with Daru’s self-identification which brings spiritual, spacial and geographical isolation to him. Drua takes Arab as humanity. By contrast, Balducci treats Arab as a beast which has no basic dignity in his life. Balducci had undone rope tying hime to the Arba who has hung lips, fat and smooth, squatting near the stove. However, as Daru see him, he treats Arba as a guest. When Daru has no choice to accept this mission, he struggle between freedom and destiny. He does not want to harm any body because he is neutral. He is not similar to Balducci who has deeply colonialism in his life.  As he let the Arab makes a choice between freedom and death, he has been betray his own country. However, he gets no response which Arab could not get his freedom. He is absolute alone and isolate from the country. In addition, the Arab just a typical uncultivated animal because his act of killing is a blind drive and he does anything just follow his habit, instinct and animal drive. He does not have autonomy and ability to consider what his life could be. In his mind, one person treats him better, he will follow him. He will not make any choice to his life because he make any decision just rely on his instinct. Therefore, he feels no sins for the criminal and makes a fool decision to his future.


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