S+have/make + 受詞+V原型動詞(表示主動)   要求、命命(語氣較強烈)

 S+ let +受詞+V(表示主動)  讓(語氣較緩和)

S + get +受詞+ to + V(表示主動)  要求(無強迫)

My teacher has us do the homework. (我們老師要求我們要寫作業。)

Cindy lets the kids play in the playground. (Cindy讓小孩在遊樂場玩。)

Peggy made her little brother finish his dinner in five minutes. (Peggy 要求他弟弟在五分鐘內吃完他的晚餐。)

S+have/make + 受詞 +  P-p. (表示被動)

S + get +受詞+ to +  P-p. (表示被動)

S+ let +受詞+  be + p.p. (表示被動)

Ex) I had my watch repaired. (我把手表送修了)


 (Ex) I have painted my house. (我已經粉刷了我的房子) [自己做]


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