Yes-no問句改成接問句的句型 (課本P.67)



    Be動詞 + 主詞 + ?   à主要子句 + whether/if + 主詞be動詞?          Is Jenny tall?        à  Do you know whether/if Jenny is tall?

   Is it raining outside?

       à I don’t know_____________________________________________


Yes-no疑問句中含助動詞do, does, did:形成間接問句時,動詞需視主詞人稱單複數時態作變化。

   助動詞 + 主詞 + 原形動詞 …?    à主要子句 + whether/if+主詞 + 動詞?        Does he open the window? à  Please tell me whether/if he opens the window.

   :1. Do you want to go swimming?

  à I’m not sure ________________________________________

       2. Did she turn off the lamp?

  à Can you tell me ___________________________________________


Yes-no疑問句中含和助動詞 will, can, should…或have/has + p.p.:形成間接問句時,主詞助動詞互換

  助動詞 + 主詞 + 原形動詞 …?à主要子句 + whether/if + 主詞助動詞+ 原形動詞?

 Can the damage be reduced?à Tell me whether/if the damage can be reduced.

   Will they join the club?

 à I want to know ________________________________________

   Have you been to Japan?

    à I’m not sure ________________________________________


    比較1:引導間接問句的whether和if意思上相同,但不同的是,whether的子句可以加入”or not”,而if的子句通常不加

   I don’t know whether she likes me (or not).   I don’t know if she likes me or not.


  1. a.      當從屬連接詞if做「如果」解釋,要表達「未來」時,條件句(副詞子句)的動詞需用現在簡單If David joins the game tomorrow, we will win.
  2. b.      if做「是否」解釋,要表達「未來」時,間接問句(名詞子句)的動詞需用未來式

I don’t know if David will join the game tomorrow.                                       




1. Peter wants to know. / Can he play basketball after school every day?


2. Please tell me. / Is Tony going to have a birthday party tomorrow?


3. I'd like to know. / Does he play an important part in your life?


4. I am not sure. / Can I ask some questions?


5. Please tell me. / Has he been to Hong Kong before?


6. I don't know. / Did Ben go to the movies last night?


7. I want to know. / Are you going to travel to New York?


8. Please tell us. / Do we have to leave now?


9. Mark wants to know. / Should he finish his report by Friday?


10. Mr. Brown asked. / Did Grace plan to study in America?



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