too…to 而不能

句型:(1) S + be + too + 形容詞 + to V             (2) S + V + too + 副詞 + to V

(1) 例句:她虛弱而無法行走。                英文: She is too weak to walk.

Practice I

1. Hank / sick / go to school

 Hank ________ __________ sick _________ go to school.

2. they / hungry / fall asleep

 They __________  ___________ hungry _________  fall asleep.

3. the student / young / drive a car


4. he / tired / run fast


5. My mom / angry / eat dinner


補充:若句中要加入其他對,則for 人  放在to V

(1)例句:致於無法。 英文:The tea is too hot for me to drink.


 英文:She walked too slowly to catch on the bus.

Practice II

1. Lisa / speak fast / win the contest

 Lisa __________  _______ fast to win the contest.

2. Peter / run slowly / win the game / last year


※  So that  如此~以致於~

1. so 形容詞 / 副詞 that 主詞 + 動詞

2. such 名詞 that 主詞 + 動詞

關係代名詞 that 當連接詞使用,連接句子 ( 即 " 主詞 + 動詞 " 結構 )。


It  is so hot today that I feel like having ice cream.

It  is such a hot day that I feel like having ice cream.


1.  Tina was busy. She didn’t eat lunch. (                                                                     

2.  I am hungry. I can eat a horse. (so...that...) .                                                                           

3.  The book is boring. I don’t want to read the book. (

4.  Betty was excited. She kissed everyone in the room. (so...that...)

填空(填入 such...that...

 1.  Cathy was ________ angry __________ say a word.

2.  This is _________a dirty room _________ no one wants to get in.

3.  He looks ___________ pale __________we all think he’s sick.

4.  Jane was ______________ afraid __________ she shut herself in the room.

5.  The cap is__________ small for me __________ wear.

6.  Candy is ___________ a sweet girl _____________ everybody likes her.

take 用法總整理 



 come on 的用法 

 國中進階800單字 12002000




  If 連接的句子到底要用現在式還是未來式

  Because/so/because of 用法





  used to VR /be used to V-ing / be used to





  關係先行詞是 one of + 複數名詞 who/which 複數動詞

  Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again 英文祈使句教學歌曲

  well 的用法




  too to /so that /such that/enough to 文法










  have 用法總整理


  grade score point 考幾分英文怎麼說



  從屬連接詞 when before after

  感官動詞 look at /watch/see/ hear/ listen to/feel/notice/smell

  high/highly/hard/hardly/late/lately 差別

  不定代名詞 Both of /Two of 差別比較

  How to compliment on somebody's clothes? 如何用英文稱讚別人的衣著


  not give sb the time of day 不理睬某人與 once相關片語

  中國12生肖VS西洋12星座 英文




  far  care 相關字意用法

  Own 的使用方式 of one's own /on one's own一樣 動物比喻


 last/latest/last one 用法 






 deal 相關片語 deal with/ No big deal 

 Thanks, but no thanks 謝謝,不必了 

 decide/beside/besides 相似字 

 Go+Ving 表從事某活動文法 

 die death dead 的相關用法與片語 

 Go to church VS. Go to the church thethe 大不同  

 way 相關的片語 



 work in /work for /work out /work at 

 someday one day the order day some other day 用法 

 Thanks for &感嘆句 

 英文文法 whose 當疑問詞誰的&所有格代名詞 


 英文課堂用語(2) Classroom English 

 使役動詞make have let get help 



 Wh問句與BE動詞問句(1) What time how often how long how far how soon 


 未來式 Will & be going to  

 To VR 不定詞&V-ing 動名詞文法(2018.10.12更新) 

 詢問如何前往某地文法 How did you get to school yesterday? 

 too~to &so that 文法講義 

 間接問句(whether&if)Yes or No 疑問句改間接問句講義 





 spend cost take 花錢花時間的用法(講義) 


 時間介係詞 in at on  



 There is /There are 學習單 


 There is/ There are 有某物在.... 

 very , much , very much , only 副詞的用法 



 do make 用法的不同  

 不定代名詞one/another/the other 用法 





 neither...nor& either..or...&not only...but(also)... 



 數量詞的用法many much a few a little some any  


 How would you like your steak? 牛排幾分熟? 







 toof 翻成...的使用方法 

 英文字尾er/or/ist 職業相關英文單字 




 過去進行式 when 當連接詞 

 Where 疑問副詞用法 



 連綴動詞 become/turn/ get/ come/fall/go/grow 



 國中文法練習題間接問句 too~to so~that 介係詞片語 

 so neither too either 用法附和句 
















 talk speak say tell 說的用法 




 天氣詢問法 What's the weather like? How's the weather? 

頻率副詞的用法 always usually often sometimes seldom never

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