B1. Despite their wealth, the billionaire and his family live a(n) ______ lifestyle, enjoying no such things as luxury or superfluity. 多餘

 (A) affable 和藹可親的(B) spartan . adj.斯巴達的,斯巴達式的;紀律性強或嚴於自律的;簡樸的,節約的;精煉的; n.斯巴達;斯巴達式的人(C) fastidious 挑剔(D) licentious 淫亂

C2. Even though Reese Witherspoon ______ matched her clothing with accessories, she still made the worst dressed list of the 2016 Oscars red carpet.

(A) fugaciously 短暫的 (B) imperiously )透不過的,不滲透的,無動於衷的,不受影響的(C) meticulously 精心 (D) obliviously 不經意地;遺忘地

C3. Having been implemented for a decade, lotteries in Taiwan have proven to be rather ______ for the government, providing billions of dollars in tax revenues.

 (A) furtive 鬼鬼祟祟 (B) repulsive 醜惡

 (C) lucrative 獲利的 (D) evasive 逃避的

D4. In the Armenian and Coptic rites, the vestment is often elaborately ______; in the other rites, the only ornament is a cross high in the middle of the back.

(A) mollified 緘口不言(B) reprieved緩刑(C) abstained棄權 (D) embroidered 繡花

A5. An Iraqi solider told of how he ______ death by lying for hours among his comrades (which was )killed in the atrocity in an incredible tale of survival.

 (A) feigned 假裝 (B) consigned 委託

 (C) arraigned  n.提問,傳訊,責難;(D) maligned 非議vt.汙衊,誹謗

1. He was arraigned for murder. 他因謀殺罪而被提訊。

2. She was arraigned for high treason. 她被控叛國罪。

D6. North Koreans are being mobilized 動員en masse to boost production and demonstrate their loyalty to leader Kim Jong Un in a 70-day campaign aimed at wiping out 消滅 ______ and slackness.鬆弛

 (A) munificence 寬宏大量 (B) condolence 慰問

(C) fraudulence欺詐 (D) indolence 懶惰

D7. Some people think that only the destitute and less educated people use slang, but this idea is ______ with bit of prejudice. 偏見

 (A) tenuous adj.薄的,細的;精細的;稀薄的;貧乏的

 (B) ominous 不祥的 (C) conspicuous 顯著 (D) erroneous錯誤

B8. Dr. Dolittle needs to ______ his argument with more experimental data; as it stands his thesis is inadequate.

 (A) mutilate 毀傷(B) buttress 支持(C) scarify 劃破:亂刺, 亂割, 嚴厲指責, , (D) rapport .友好關係;融洽,和諧

A9. One of Mr. Scrooge’s vice was gluttony 暴食. He was excessively ______ even with his relatives. Accordingly於是, as he aged, he became increasingly despondent. 沮喪


(A) parsimonious  儉省的  (B) impecunious 身無分文

(C) diffident adj.缺乏自信的,露出怯態的;羞怯的;躊躇的;虛

(D) corpulent  豐滿

A10. The refugees’ poor grasp of English is hardly an ______ problem; they can attend classes and improve within a matter of months.

 (A) insuperable 不可逾越不能制勝的, 不能克服的(B) implausible 難以置信(C) ineffable 不可言說無法形容的,說不出的,不應說出的,避諱的(D) irreproachable 無可指責

B11. In exchange of European funding, Greece was forced to impose strict fiscal ______, a set of economic policies employed with the aim of reducing government budget deficits.(A) resilience 彈回;彈性;恢復力(= resiliency

(B) austerity n.嚴厲;簡樸,樸素;苦行;節衣縮食(

C) stagflation滯脹(Stagflation)滯脹全稱停滯性通貨膨脹(Stagflation)又稱為蕭條膨脹或膨脹衰退,在經濟學,特別是巨集觀經濟學中,特指經濟停滯(Stagnation)與高通貨膨脹(Inflation),失業以及不景氣同時存在的經濟現象。通俗的說就是指物價上升,但經濟停滯不前。它是通貨膨脹長期發展的結果。

(D) extravagance 揮霍無度
B12. All the contestants, undoubtedly being a bundle of nerves
焦躁的人;緊張不安的人, listened with ______ breath for the announcement about the winner.  bated breath 屏息以待
(A) abridged 簡略(B) bated 減少, 減弱,抑制, 壓低, 降低, 大怒

(C) incurred adj.[]招致的,遭受的 (D) refined 精製

A13. I went to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster the moment it released in Taiwan, but completely contrary to my expectations, I couldn’t even think of any ______ feature it might have. 故事片,正片
(A) redeeming adj.
補償的,彌補的; v.補償( redeem的現在分詞);實踐;解救;使…免受責難 vt.贖回,挽回;履行;償還;兌現 (B) rehearsing 排練(C) restoring 恢復(D) retorting 反駁,頂嘴,蒸餾器,曲頸瓶(vi.)反駁,回嘴,反擊(vt.)反擊,反駁,提純. 乾餾
A14. They never considered the possibility that a vast majority of  
絕大多數companies may be placing their highest priorities on minimizing debt in order to repair their ______ sheets. balance sheet資產負債表
(A) balance 相等, 平衡, (樂音的)平衡,安排與調整;(樂器)平衡器, 衡器, 天平,秤, 數量/錢, 結存,結餘, (退回的)差額, (使)平衡, 權衡,斟酌, (賬目)使收支平衡

(B) fact n.事實,實情;實際;真相,證據;犯罪行為

(C) loose adj.松的,寬的;模糊的;散漫的;自由的; vt.釋放;不受約束地表達;鬆開;射出(子彈、箭等); vi.變得鬆散;發射導彈;開火

(D) score n.得分,得分記錄;[]總譜,樂譜;計算,百分數,成份;論點,理由,緣故,根據; vt.& vi.得分;獲勝,成功; vi.記分;刻痕;勾引,成功地用性勾引某人;走私;
D15. The shareholders and bondholders
債券持有人have different rights and returns, leading to potential conflicts of ______ that arise in the course of business activities.
(A) account
帳戶 (B) currency 貨幣(C) finance U財政,金融;財源,資金(vt.)供資金給,為…籌措資金(D) interest 貸款的)利息, (存款的)利息, 合法權利, 權益,股權,產權
C16. We cannot praise enough the chic adj.
漂亮的,時髦的,瀟灑的;別緻的; n.高雅,雅緻alpine retreat we stayed 2 weeks during our annual holiday, for the location, cleanliness and ambiance 氣氛is perfectly ______ by an exceptional staff. 傑出的員工
(A) compacted (a.)
緊湊的,緊密的,簡潔的(vt.)使裝滿,使簡潔(vi.)變緊密. (B) compensated 補償(C) complemented adj.有補助物的,有餘格的; v.補足,補充 (D) complimented 稱讚
A17. She was confused, displaying ______ feelings about the ______ situation they'd gotten into.
(A) ambivalent … ambiguous  
矛盾VS adj.含糊的,不明確的;引起歧義的

(B) bizarre … bazaar  奇異的VS n.街市,市場;義賣,義賣市場
(C) eminent … imminent
傑出VS即將來臨(D) incipient … insipid 初期的初期的初期的 VS平淡

C18. Stella owes Jason a lot of money, but now she needs that money so badly that she will make him pay her back ______.
(A) by word of mouth n.

(B) by leaps and bounds突飛猛進
(C) by hook or crook

(D) by fits and starts 間歇地;一陣一陣地
D19. Jack had been making waves at work for so long, which truly infuriated his boss. Eventually, he was ______.
(A) praised to the sky
捧上天去. (B) muddled through
(C) ground to a halt

(D) given the axe 解雇某人,開除某人
B20. Whether it’s a nip
凍傷here and a tuck包起,裹起,卷緊 there or something a bit more drastic such as breast augmentation隆胸 or a nose job 隆鼻, more and more people are now ______ to enhance their looks.
(A) head over heels

(B) going under the knife 接受外科手術
(C) brought into operation

(D) under the counter .秘密(出售)的;走後門的;非法的。2.稀罕的,貴重的。








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