I. Vocabulary: Choose the most appropriate answer. (14%)

 B1. As the news reported the passing of British physicist Stephen Hawking, tributes began pouring

 in from scientists throughout the world, ________ him as an inspiration.

 (A) honing珩磨,搪磨; v.把(刀、劍等)磨光  (B) lauding       (C)hoaxing           

(D)donning n.插筒管; v.穿上,披上( don的現在分詞)


D2. The Me Too movement (or "#MeToo") spread virally in October 2017 as a hashtag used on social media to help demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexualassaultandharassment, especially in the workplace. It followed soon after the public revelations of sexualmisconduct .行為不正,不規矩;處理不當;(尤指官吏等的)胡作非為,瀆職; v.處理失當;不規矩;________ against HarveyWeinstein.

(A)crests .雞冠;冠毛。2.羽毛飾,(盔上的)飾毛,翎毛,頂飾;〔詩〕盔

(B) apostles 使徒;基督十二使徒之一 (C)confidants心腹朋友    (D)allegations指控

C3. She took a(n) ________ pleasure in hearing that her sister was getting divorced. Most people, I believe, would not enjoy such strange behavior.




(D)estranged疏遠的;隔絕的,疏離的;久未聯繫的;(夫妻)分居的; v.使疏遠;使隔離;使離間

D4. The commentator’s 實況廣播報導員;註解者,註釋者;評論員,解說員changing tone functions as a way to _______ a chord tone and is alsoemployed to provide rhythmic interest between common tones.


(A)empathize移情,神會(B)encroach .侵犯;侵佔;蠶食;侵蝕; vt.侵入,侵犯;侵略,侵佔;侵害;侵蝕(C)enshrine珍藏,銘記;把奉為神聖;秘藏;把置於神龕內  



A5. Before leaving for school, the little boy made a dash for his bedroom and ________ through


the clothes in the drawer looking for a clean pair of socks.


(A)burrowed (尤指動物挖掘居住的)洞穴,地道, (尤指為居住)打洞,掘洞, (舒適、溫暖或安全地)躲進,鑽入;偎依, 翻找,搜尋

(B)extruded擠壓出;擠壓成;使突出;使噴出. (C)supplanted被排擠的;被代替的;被取代的

(D)ruminated, 沈思,長時間思考, , (動物)反芻,倒嚼


D6. Why do you word your proposal in such a(n) ________ manner? Could you make it more



(A)taut緊的, 拉緊的,繃緊的, 興奮的/緊張的, (神經等)緊張的,興奮的, 文章/講話, (文章、講話)簡潔的,明快的。                                    (B) frivolous愚蠢輕浮的,不嚴肅的, 無聊的;不重要的                    

(C)electrifying令人激動的;令人興奮的   (D)convoluted盤繞的;彎曲的,曲折的, (句子、解釋、論據等)冗長費解的,繁複晦澀的

 B7. While visiting my bedridden臥床不起的 aunt in hospital, I saw quite a few patients ________ along the



                       (A)flanking側面;側腹;側邊;側翼; vt.位於之側面;側面有;守側面;攻擊側面
                  (B)shamblingj.蹣跚的;拖沓的;呆滯的;(地方等)死氣沉沉的; v.蹣跚而行,拖著腳走
                  (C)twitching抽搐(D)maneuvering 調動;機動; 2. 【軍】軍事演習,機動演習[

C8. He kept his hostility hidden behind a friendly ________.

 (A)naïveté天真爛漫                     (B)résumé摘要     (C) façade正面, 虛假的外表, 假像,虛假的外表

(D)jalapeño 墨西哥胡椒

 A9. ________, as the name implies, is never made to survive or last long.


(A)Ephemera只在短期內有用的事物;短暫存在的事物;一次性的事物                   (B)Firmament



B10. As she pulled the curtains aside, the sun was shining straight in her eyes and made her ______.

(A)swoon狂喜;神魂顛倒, 昏厥,暈倒, 昏厥,暈倒  (B)squint:瞇起眼看, 眼病, 斜視, 看, 瞥,瞟(C)glitch小毛病;小差錯;小故障, 短時脈衝波形干擾                             

(D)deflate使變小, (使)變癟;給…放氣, 削弱, 削弱;使受挫, 使灰心,使洩氣, , 使貨幣緊縮,使通貨緊縮。

A11. Trump’s tariffs關稅 sparked global ________, and the very next day stock markets plunged.

(A)ire忿怒         (B) pincer切齒;;撥釘鉗;馬類切齒      

(C) mortgage抵押貸款                  (D)palpation觸摸檢查

                      D 12. Pollution and sediments carried by the floodway will _______ the existing and potential uses


of the lake.

(A)beleaguer   (B)fornicate      (C) brandish            (D)jeopardize



B13. Russia expelled US diplomats and closed the US Consulate in St. Petersburg in _______ for a


similar move by Washington.

(A)repulsion            (B)retaliation         (C)resurrection          (D)redemption


A14. He is _______ a war on inequality to further his agenda.

(A)waging                  (B) forking               (C) battering                 (D)skewering








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