that ….not + V

否定字   +…        but …..+ V         沒有不…

(not,never,no)     without + O.

A. without的用法:

(1) N + without + N(沒有……的……):作形容詞片語,修飾前面的名詞。

• I like to drink coffee without sugar. (我喜歡喝不加糖的咖啡)

(2) S + V... + without + N/V-ing(沒有……就……):作副詞片語,修飾前面


• In spite of the cold weather, he went out without his overcoat.


• Some students go to school without having breakfast.


(3) Without + N, S + V-ed... → S + V-ed...without + N(若無/要是沒有,……):


• Without air, water, and sunlight, everything couldn’t live on earth.


B. 雙重否定的用法:

no/not/never...without + N/V-ing(每……必……/無……不……):雙重否定

是強調肯定句的美化句型。without + N表「狀態」;without + V-ing則強調「動


 I couldn’t live till today without my grandmother.


One can’t succeed without perseverance.(人無毅力不能成事。)

Tony never writes an English composition without making many mistakes.(東尼



(1) but為否定關係代名詞,故接肯定動詞;who為肯定關係代名詞,故接否定


• There is no mother but loves her children.

→ There is no mother who doesn’t love her children.

【who代替mother故搭配loves,又皆否定於是doesn’t love】

→ There is no mother doesn’t love her children. (×)【常犯錯誤】


• There is no one but has his weak side.

→ There is no one without his weak side.

→ There is no one hasn’t his weak side.(×)【常犯錯誤】


(2) but之後保留主詞為舊式寫法。

• It never rains but it pours.(複句)

→ It never rains without pouring.(單句)


• I never spend a day but I miss you.

→ I never spend a day without missing you.



There is no N. but V. 沒有不...的

• There is no pleasure without pain.

→ No pleasure without pain.(省略There is)(有樂必有苦。)

• There is no gain without pain.

→ No gain without pain.(省略There is)

→ No pain, no gain.(不勞則無穫。)

No sweet without sweat. (不經一番寒徹骨,焉得梅花撲鼻香。)

No smoke without fire. (無風不起浪。)

 not so 與其說是……倒不如說是…… 

總之,簡言之To sum up 英文作文結語用法 

can't but VR /have no choice but to VR 無法選擇,不得不的用法 




No matter what/how/which/who/where/when 

除了~之外文法except besides including excluded 

 lead to / result in / bring about / cause /give rise to/ contribute to/ conduce to 用法

other than/besides/except/except for/aside from/apart from文法使用方式

 當介係詞使用的to ,後加v-ing

 雙重否定句 not,never,no without/butVR


 unless if not 用法


 英文越來越比較級與雙重比較句the 比較級,the 比較級

 assist/consist/resist/persist/insist/Persevere 用法

 lest/for fear of /for fear that /in case of /in case/ in the case of 文法

 There is no denying that or what how when 名詞子句

 ...也不為過英文句型 can't too

 not to mention/not much of a 使用方法

 nothing but/ anything but/ everything but 用法

 As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when ~~文法

 表雖然although /Much as/ Despite /In spite of 句型

 that 同位語


 It 作虛主詞的常見句型

 A along with B 使用方式

 as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to


 in the wake of ……而至;由於……的結果

 apply to apply for apply 使用法




 主詞動詞一致 note

 接動名詞的動詞片語 notes

 prefer to rather than 文法

 rise arise raise arouse 使用方式 notes

 準關係代名詞 as but than文法 notes

 It is/was 被強調部分+ that 子句強調句文法

 英文worth worthy worthwhile用法 notes

 英文分數表示法英文倍數 notes


 形容詞的順序與位置 notes

 複合關係代名詞what 關係副詞 when where 分詞片語ving&p.p.

 Be known for,as, to 的差別

 If 假設語氣文法



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