poem 詩


Making goulash
we don’t talk much,
Daddy and me.

“The talking’s in the making, son,”
he smiles.
I see what he means.

It’s in the knife
meeting the beef,

in the dancing of potatoes
as they turn in the water,
in the singing
of boiling soup in the pot.

There are enough words
in the way
Daddy teaches me his famous dish
and the way he hugs me
when we finish.

Making goulash
we don’t talk much,
Daddy and me,

but everything is said.

(Ideas from Candace Pearson’s poem)


















(靈感來自Candace Pearson’s 的詩)

(   D  )16.  What are “Daddy and me” doing in the poem?
(A) Eating.      (B) Singing.    (C) Dancing.    (D) Cooking.



  (A) 正在吃。

  (B) 正在唱歌。

  (C) 正在跳舞。

  (D) 正在烹飪。

【解析】從第一句making goulash可以得知,文中提到兩人一起烹煮食物,答案為選項(D)

likely 可能

(   B  )17.  What can we most likely know about the speaker?
(A) He seldom understands his father.
(B) He enjoys his time with his father.
(C) He often makes goulash for his father.
(D) He wants to be as famous as his father.


【解答中譯】(A) 他不太了解他的爸爸。

                   (B) 他享受跟爸爸相處的時光。

(C) 他時常製作燉牛肉給爸爸。

(D) 他想要和爸爸一樣有名。









Central Station中央車站


Farmer’s Bridge農夫之橋


Queen Marguerite’s Park 瑪格莉特皇后公園


King Henry’s Castle 亨利國王城堡


King Henry’s Garden 亨利國王花園


East-End Temple 東區寺


Lovers’ Bridge情人橋


Grand Castle of King Charles查爾斯國王城堡


King James’ Castle詹姆斯國王城堡


City Square城市廣場


Great Age Theater大紀元電影院


Starlight Garden星光花園


Westside Church 西岸教堂












u路線 A(      ):一人20


u路線 B(      ):一人18
















(   A  )18.  Which is true about City Sight Bus tickets? 

(A) It costs less to buy tickets on the Internet.
(B) People must pay the full ticket price for a pet.
(C) Tickets are more expensive in the high season.
(D) People save 10% if they buy two tickets for the same line.


【解答中譯】(A) 在網路上購票可以花比較少的錢。

            (B) 人們必須幫寵物買全票車票。

            (C) 在旺季的票價比較貴。

            (D) 當人們購買兩張同路線的車票時,可以省下百分之十的錢。

【解析】從 Save 10% if you buy tickets on the Internet 可得知(A)為正解。

        Save 10% if you buy tickets for both lines. 得知需同時購買兩種路線的車票才可以享九折優惠,故不能選(D)

(   C  )19.  Which is true about the bus lines?
(A) Line B takes more time.
(B) Both lines cross Farmers’ Bridge.
(C) Both lines leave from Central Station.
(D) There are more gardens to see on Line A.






Sarah: You’re VERY popular today. I’ve had seventeen calls asking for you.

Mike: Finally! After all these years of kicking and running, I’ve got my own fans! So what did they want? My photos? Do I need to sign my name? Are they starting a fan club for me?

Sarah: Well, let me ask you this: What day was yesterday?

Mike: Friday... Why?

Sarah: Did you forget something?

Mike: Did I forget... OH, NO! I didn’t pick up my soccer team’s sport shirts from the shop! And we’re having this big game tomorrow!

Sarah: Yeah. And from what I’ve heard, it’s your team’s most important game this season.

Mike: OK. I have to go fix this now.

Sarah: Too late. They’ve tried. It’s not open on the weekend. And if you want to know, they are Johnny, Ricky, Archie, Freddie...

Mike: I know, I know, everyone on my team. Oh, I’m a dead man now.

Sarah: Yeah, that was what they said on the phone, seventeen times.













(   A  )20.  Why were there seventeen calls asking for Mike?
(A) His team was angry at him.
(B) He is a popular soccer player.
(C) He did not show up for the game on Friday.
(D) His name did not appear on the list of players.


【解答中譯】(A) 他的隊員對他很生氣。

(B) 他是個受歡迎的足球員。

(C) 他沒有出席星期五的球賽。

(D) 他的名字不在球員名單內。

【解析】看到最後兩句可以得知,MikeI’m a dead man. 接著Sarah說其他十七個球員也說他死定了,故(A)為正解。

(   A  )21.  What does It mean in the dialogue?
(A) The shop.                       
(B) The fan club.
(C) The soccer game.             
(D) The soccer season.


【解答中譯】(A) 店家。

                           (B) 粉絲俱樂部。

                           (C) 足球賽。

                           (D) 足球季。


(   B  )22.  What can we learn about Mike?
(A) He is nice to people from his fan club.
(B) He plays soccer with Johnny and Ricky.
(C) He found a way to fix the trouble he made.
(D) He decided not to go to the game on Sunday.


【解答中譯】(A) 他對他的粉絲俱樂部成員很好。

                         (B) 他和強尼、瑞奇一起踢球。

                         (C) 他找到方法可以解決他製造的麻煩。

(D) 他決定不要去星期天的球賽。

【解析】從“if you want to know, they are Johnny, Ricky”得知,他們都打電話來找Mike,代表他們一起踢球,故答案為(B)



male 雄性  energy 能量

Animals have their special ways to deal with hard times in nature. The superb fairy-wren, one kind of bright-blue bird in Australia, is one example. This year, a ten-year study showed that this small bird has eggs of different sizes in different kinds of weather. When the weather is hot and dry, there is less food for young superb fairy-wrens, and they die easily. So the mother bird will make larger eggs to help her babies grow stronger inside before they break out of the eggs into the “hungry” world.


  However, not all mother birds are able to do this trick. Only those with at least one male child can. When the weather is “good,” the mother will make smaller eggs, and her sons will bring food back for their baby brothers and sisters from the eggs. With her sons’ help, the mother can save more energy to make larger eggs when the weather is bad. Isn’t this amazing?

title 標題





(   B  )23.  Which is the best title for this reading?
(A) Australia: The Best Place for Birds.
(B) Mother Bird Fights Weather Changes.
(C) Larger Mother Birds Have Larger Eggs.
(D) Family Love: Brothers & Sisters Work Together.

【解答中譯】(A) 澳洲:最適宜的鳥類棲息地。

      (B) 母鳥對抗天氣變化。

      (C) 較大的母鳥產下較大的卵。

      (D) 家人之愛:兄弟姊妹齊心合作。


(   A  )24.  What does this trick mean in the reading?
(A) Having eggs of different sizes.
(B) Growing stronger inside the egg.
(C) Saving food for weaker baby birds.
(D) Helping baby birds break out of the eggs.

【題目中譯】文中this trick是什麼意思?
【解答中譯】(A) 產下不同尺寸的卵。

(B) 在卵中成長得更強壯。

(C) 為較孱弱的幼鳥保存食物。

(D) 幫助幼鳥破殼而出。

【解析】第一段先提及母鳥因應不同天氣會產下不同的卵,而後第2二段中提到了not all mother birds are able to do this trick,其中母鳥是關鍵字,所以(A)是正解。

(   C  )25.  What can we learn about superb fairy-wrens from the
(A) Male birds can usually live for ten years.
(B) Baby birds grow well in hot, dry weather.
(C) Young male birds share the job of feeding the baby birds.
(D) Mother birds make smaller eggs when there is less food


【解答中譯】(A) 公鳥通常可以活十年。

(B) 幼鳥在乾燥炎熱的氣候可以成長得很好。

(C) 公幼鳥分擔了撫育幼鳥的工作。

(D) 如果食物短缺,母鳥會產下尺寸較小的卵。







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