3. shall, should

(1) shall的用法:


You shall do as I say. He shall be punished.




Shall I answer the telephone for you? = Do you want me to answer...?


Shall I make the bed for you? 我需要幫你鋪床嗎?


Shall we dance? 我們一起跳舞吧!

(2) should的用法:

表義務和必然(obligation =ought to )

You should finish your work on time.(你應該準時完成工作)

They shouldn’t lie to you. (他們不該對你說謊)


It is surprising that Tim should lose the game.

(Tim 竟然輸了,真是令人驚訝。)


If you should change your mind, please let us know.


" should have +p.p."表「過去應該做而未做」

You should have passed the exam, but you didn’t.


(3) will 的用法:


Will you have another cup of coffee ? 你想要再來一杯咖啡嗎?


The game will be finished by now.目前為止比賽應該已經結束了。



Would you excuse me?[will 客氣〕

表過去不規則的習慣(cf.used to)

Sometimes the boys would play a trick on their teacher.

would that = I wish that 表所望、決心或意向

Would that I were young again.


Would that I knew the answer.


would (should) like to +V "..." ; Would you like~?表請客之意


Would you like to have lunch with me ?

He would like to go biking with Helen.(他想要與Helen一起去騎腳踏車)

助動詞總整理 part 1 

助動詞總整理 part3 

「動詞+sb+of sth」英文句型 accuse of  

All you can do is VR 你能做的只有...文法句型 


a number of /a amount of/ plenty of 數量詞用法(3) 

suggest 建議require 要求order命令 that + S + (should) + VR 

instead of vs. instead 而不是 vs. 反而 

fillstuff 的使用差異 

be (adv.) likely to + V 可能……

 By the time 用法 

none of not of all of 全部否定部分否定用法 

had been + V-ing  過去完成進行式 




助動詞總整理 part3 

助動詞總整理 part 2 


unless if not 用法 

英文越來越比較級與雙重比較句the 比較級,the 比較級 

lest/for fear of /for fear that /in case of /in case/ in the case of 文法 

There is no denying that or what how when 名詞子句 


not to mention/not much of a 使用方法 

 nothing but/ anything but/ everything but 用法 

As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when ~~文法 

although /Much as/ Despite /In spite of 雖然...但是...文法句型 

助動詞總整理 part 1 

比較less than, not less than, no less than, no less… than, not than..用法之不同 

It is no good/ use Ving 沒有用 



 No matter what/how/which/who/where/when 

find, keep, leave, catch 文法

 not so much...as... 與其說是……倒不如說是……

 總之,簡言之To sum up 英文作文結語用法

 can't but VR /have no choice but to VR 無法選擇,不得不的用法



帶有使役之意卻使用不定詞(to V)的動詞 

連綴動詞 seem appear keep stay remain 

複合形容詞 (2) 



used to VR /be used to V-ing / be used to

 關係先行詞是 one of + 複數名詞 who/which 複數動詞

 lead to / result in / bring about / cause /give rise to/ contribute to/ conduce to 用法 

除了~之外文法except besides including excluded 

雙重否定句 not,never,no without/butVR

 that 同位語 



It 作虛主詞的常見句型 

英文文法 whose 當疑問詞誰的&所有格代名詞 

A along with B 使用方式

 連綴動詞 become/turn/ get/ come/fall/go/grow

 as such/ as with/ as for /as of/as to


 in the wake of ……而至;由於……的結果


 apply to apply for apply 使用法 

so neither too either 用法附和句 

A片語   複合形容詞 

易搞混難分辨的動詞(1)   主詞動詞一致 note 

接動名詞的動詞片語 notes 

prefer to rather than...而不是文法 

rise arise raise arouse 使用方式 notes

 準關係代名詞 as but than文法 notes 

It is/was 被強調部分+ that 子句強調句文法 

英文worth worthy worthwhile用法 notes

 英文分數表示法英文倍數 notes 

數量詞 many a

 形容詞的順序與位置 notes 

複合關係代名詞what 關係副詞 when where 分詞片語ving&p.p. Be known for,as, to 的差別


If 假設語氣文法 

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