( A )1. Look at the picture. There is ______ under the door.
(A) an envelope        
(B) a plant     
(C) a sign
(D) an umbrella

請看圖片,有一個信封在門的下方。(A)信封 (B)植物 (C)標誌 (D)雨傘。

( C )2. My ______ hurts so much that I cannot even turn my head.

     (A) arm (B) knee (C) neck (D) stomach

(A)手臂 (B)膝蓋 (C)脖子 (D)胃。

( B )3. Our school basketball team won the national game last night. We are so ______ them.
(A) popular with    (B) proud of 
(C) sorry for     (D) worried about

我們學校的籃球校隊在昨晚贏得全國賽,我們以他們為榮。(A)受到...喜愛 (B)以...為榮 (C) 對...感到抱歉、遺憾(D)替...感到擔心

( B )4. Tomorrow is Sam’s last day in the office. Nobody knows why he decided to ______.

     (A) hide (B) leave (C) pack (D) walk

明天是Sam在辦公室的最後一天。沒有人知道為什麼他決定要離開。(A)躲藏 (B)離開 (C)打包 (D)走路。

( D )5.   It’s not a good idea to go mountain climbing in this bad ______. We should wait until the typhoon goes away.
(A) chance (B) dream (C) habit (D) weather

在這樣的壞天氣去爬山不是一個好主意,我們應該要等到颱風離開。(A)機會 (B)夢想 (C)習慣 (D)天氣。

( D )6.   Chris loves walking with Anna on snowy days, but Anna hates ______ very much.
(A) them (B) so (C) one (D) it

Chris喜愛和Anna一起在雪中散步,但是Anna很討厭這件事。(A)它們 (B)如此的 (C)一件事 (D)那件事。


( B )7. Lora likes to eat bananas that are already a little brown on the outside, and so ______ I.
(A) am (B) do (C) have (D) will

Lora 喜歡吃外皮有一點咖啡色的香蕉,我也是。

解析:此為附和句文法,前面句子為likes to 所組成的一般現在是動詞,因此後面附和的動詞需使用現在式助動詞代替前面所提過的喜歡吃外皮有一點咖啡色香蕉的這個動作。又後面主詞為I ,故選do。相關文法請至附和句文法  so neither too either 用法附和句 

( D )8. Your refrigerator shouldn’t be making loud noises now, but if it ______ does, just give me a call and I’ll come check it again.
(A) already (B) even (C) finally (D) still

(A) 已經(B)甚至 (C)終於 (D)還是。

( C )9. After winning money in the card game, Jay decided to try again. He felt that he might also be ______a second time.
(A) famous (B) interested (C) lucky (D) ready

在撲克牌比賽贏得獎金後,Jay決定要再試一次。他覺得他第二次可能也會這麼幸運。(A) 有名的(B)有興趣的 (C)幸運的 (D)準備好的。

( D )10. The knife doesn’t cut very well. It’s not as ______ as before.
(A) bright (B) heavy (C) quick (D) sharp

【題目中譯】這把刀不太好切東西。它不像以前那麼鋒利了。(A) 明亮的 (B)重的 (C)快的 (D)鋒利的。

C 11. John will stay with his sister until he ______ an apartment.(A) will find  (B) would find (C) finds  (D) found

John會和他的妹妹住在一起,直到他找到公寓為止。(A)將會找到 (B)就會找到 (C)找到 (D)找到了。


( A )12. Students ______ to go on the school trip should ask their parents first.
(A) who want    (B) want 
(C) who they want  (D) what they want


解析:句中有主詞1 students 動詞1 want,後面又有動詞2 ask ,判斷該句有兩個動詞,因此需為關係代名詞文法,Students後應使用關係代名詞主詞who(不可省略)。故選A,(B)選項少主詞2,(C)(D)選項都多一個主詞they,且學生為人需使用who 或that為關代主詞。

相關文法關係代名詞當主詞、受詞、所有格講義    關係代名詞子句當主詞使用 

A 13. The temple sits alone in the mountains at a height of 3,000m ______ sea level.
(A) above
 (B) at (C) below (D) in

這座廟宇孤伶伶地座落在山中,在離海平面3,000公尺以上。 (A)以上 (B) (C)以下 (D)...裡面。

( A )14. Patty spent several days planning to invite Charlie to dinner, ______ she couldn’t say a word when they met.      
(A) but (B) if (C) or (D) so

Patty花了幾天的時間計劃邀請Charlie共進晚餐,但當他們見面時,她一句話也說不出來。(A)但是 (B)如果 (C)否則 (D)所以。

( C )15. I can’t tell you what I think of the movie because I ______ it. I’ll probably watch it this Saturday.
(A) am not seeing   (B) don’t see 

     (C) haven’t seen   (D) won’t see

我無法告訴你我對這部電影的看法,因為我還沒看過。我可能會在這個星期六看。(A)沒有正在看 (B)不看 (C)還沒有看 (D)將來不看。


( D )16. The new guy at the help desk answers calls like a ______. There are no ups and downs in his voice and you can’t tell if he is happy or sad.
(A) father (B) foreigner (C) radio (D) robot

在服務台新來的那個人,接電話像個機器人。他的聲音沒有起伏,你無法分辨他是高興還是難過。(A) 父親(B)外國人 (C)收音機 (D)機器人

( C )17. Jasmine planned to spend her summer in the country, but right after she got there, she started to  ______ the noise in the city.
(A) enjoy (B) mind (C) miss (D) notice

Jasmine計劃在鄉下度過夏天,但她剛到那裡,就開始懷念城市的喧囂。(A)享受 (B)介意 (C)想念 (D)注意到

( D )18. “Bad traffic” is perhaps the ______ excuse for being late when your boss knows it only takes you five minutes to walk to work.
(A) easiest (B) oldest (C) smartest (D) worst

「塞車」可能是最糟糕的遲到藉口,當你的老闆知道你走路去上班只需五分鐘。(A)最簡單的 (B)最老的 (C)最聰明的 (D)最糟糕的。

( A )19. The housework in Mr. and Mrs. Wang’s family ______ between them and their kids. Everyone’s got their own job to do.
(A) is shared   (B) are shared 
     (C) shares    (D) share


解析:主詞家事為不可數名詞,應使用單數動詞,又加事不會主動做出共同分擔的動作,所以需使用被動語態。被動語態英文文法    英文被動語態文法

( C )20. I want to find another dentist because ______ pulled out a good tooth last time I went to him.
(A) I (B) me (C) mine (D) myself

我想找另一位牙醫,因為我上次去看牙醫的時候,他拔掉了一顆健康的牙齒。(A)主詞 (B)受詞 (C)所有格代名詞 (D)反身代名詞

解析:because 後面需使用主詞加動詞的子句,空格處需使用主詞,後接動詞拔,故刪除BD,又從句意得知拔牙的是牙醫,而不是我,故刪除A選項,答案使用所有格代名詞mine來表示my dentist。 主詞所有格受格所有格代名詞反身代名詞   whose誰的文法&所有格代名詞   反身代名詞

( B )21. Mom: Linda, you’ve been playing computer games  all evening! Have you finished your report?
Linda: Well, ______ most of it this afternoon, and   I’ll finish it by Friday.
(A) I would do    (B) I did 
     (C) I was doing    (D) I’ll do

媽媽: Linda,妳整個晚上都在玩電腦遊戲!妳完成報告了嗎?

Linda :嗯,我今天下午做了大部分,並且我會在星期五前完成。
(A) 對過去的假設 (B)過去式 (C) 過去進行式 (D)未來式。

解析:空格處的時態為this afternoon為過去簡單式,故選過去式。英文文法時態總整理


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