(   ) 1. When I visit a foreign country every time, I buy several _______ and send them to my friends. I like to share the beautiful scenery with them.

(A)postcards (B) popcorn (C) moment  (D) bakery

(    ) 2.Emily used to be a heavy smoker, but now she wants to stay healthy, so she doesn’t smoke ____.

(A) around  (B) and so on (C) any more (D) either

(   ) 3. Air and water are very important for people. Nobody can live _____ them.

(A)with (B) without (C) in  (D) as

 (     )4. Jack ____ to be sick last night, so he ____ not to go to school this morning. 

(A) lied ; appeared

(B) took up ; turned into

(C) interested ; chooses 

(D) appeared; chose 

( )5. He answered all the questions ____ the last one.   

(A) except (B) besides

(C) nothing (D) above

二、文法選擇 (選出最正確或適當的答案)

(    ) 6. I was ____ by the story. I can’t stop crying.

(A) interested (B) attractive

(C) excited (D) touched

(     ) 7. I worry _____ Ethan’s health, so I hope that he can quit _____.

(A) X ; smoking (B) about ; smoking

(C) to ; to smoke (D) X ; smoke

(     ) 8. The old man is so weak that he can’t stand up by himeself. (選意思相同的)

(A) The old man is too weak to stand up by himself.

(B) The old man is healthy enough to stand up by himself.

(C) The old man is not weak enough to stand up by himself.

(D) The old man is not too weak to stand up by himself.

(     ) 9. Is the girl ____ Mary?

(A) in big eyes (B) with blue shorts

(C) on long hair (D) with an umbrella

( ) 10. Do you know _______?

(A) who the girl is talking here

(B) if he come home early

(C) what to do

(D) how to do

(    ) 11. A: Wow! These flying fish are amazing. B: Yeah. Do you know why they ______    “flying fish”? 

(A) call  (B) called 

(C) are called (D) have called

( ) 12. John never plays chess with his family, and _____ does Ruby.

(A)either (B) neither (C) so (D) too

( ) 13. After working several years, I have became a successful businessman. Now I ____ buy a house by myself.

(A) have enough money to

(B) have money enough to

(C) am too rich to

(D) am so rich that I can’t

(    ) 14. Peter doesn’t know ____ Alice likes him.

(A) whether (B) what (C) though (D) how

(    ) 15. May’s dream can come true in the future, and _____.

(A) Emma isn’t, either (B) so does Emma

(C) so can Emma (D) Emma does, too.

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