(     )1.The box is too heavy _____.

        (A) for me to move it (B) for him to move (C) for I to move it (D) for me to move


(    )2.The dress is too small _____. 

       (A) for Jane to wear it  (B) for Kate to wear  (C) for Hank for wearing (D) to wear it for Jane


(    )3.The weather is too cold for us _________ in the sea.

       (A) to swim (B) not swim (C) can't swim  (D) for swimming

Ans: A

(    )4.Terry got up _____ that he could take the first bus to school.

       (A) too early (B) early (C) early enough (D) so early



(    )5.The question is too easy for Kate to answer______.

       (A) X (B)it (C)him (D) them


(    )6.The news is ___________.

      (A) so good that everyone all believes 

      (B) so good for everyone to believe

      (C) too good for everyone to believe 

      (D) so good that everyone believe it


(   )7.The math question is _________ hard that almost nobody can answer it.

       (A) a lot (B) enough (C) so (D) to 


  too~to &so that 文法講義 

  間接問句(whether&if)Yes or No 疑問句改間接問句 講義 


 帶有使役之意卻使用不定詞(to V原)的動詞 

 連綴動詞 seem appear keep stay remain 

 複合形容詞 (2) 


 How many How much 數量詞 


 work in /work for /work out /work at 

 someday one day the order day some other day 用法 

 不定代名詞one/another/the other 用法 





 neither...nor& either..or...&not only...but(also)... 


  關係代名詞當主詞、受詞、所有格 講義 


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