-able. a. = inclined to be;likely to be done

acceptable 可接受的

readable 可讀()

adaptable 可適應的

-age. n. =the action,result or state of

shortage 缺乏,短缺

reportage 報告文學

parentage 出身,門第

-al. n. = the action of,the person of

refusal 拒絕

proposal 建議

approval 認可


criminal 犯罪分子

rival 競爭者

arrival 到達者

-al. a. = inclined to be;connected with;pertaining to

colonial 殖民的

natural 自然的

political 政治的

-ed.[過去分詞作定語] = 1)filled with;having the characteristics of. 2)done by

spirited(heated) argument 熱烈的討論

honeyed word 甜言蜜語

distracted 心情紛亂

-ee. n. = one who receives

testee 考生,被測驗者

trainee 運動員,受訓練的人

payee 受款人

-er/-ar/-ur/-eer/-ier. n. =doer;device for

fighter 戰士,戰鬥機

radar 雷達

pioneer 先鋒隊員

-ic/ical. a. =relating to;resembling

scenic 風景的

geometric 幾何的

geographical 地理的

-ess/ine. n. = female

actress 女演員

heroine 女英雄

mayoress 女市長

-ful. a. =full of

handful 一把,一撮

mouthful 一口

cupful 一滿杯

-fy. v. =make;reinforce

intensify 強化,加強

purify 淨化

clarify 澄清

-hood. n. = condition;state

childhood 兒童期

brotherhood 手足之情

bachelorhood 獨身生活

-ile. a. = likely to be

hostile 敵意的

fragile 易碎的

versatile 多才多藝的

-ility. n. = quality of

feasibility 可行的

servility 奴性,卑屈

mobility 易動的

-ing. a. =having the quality of

disturbing 令人不安的

surprising 令人吃驚的

encouraging 振奮人心的

-ion/ation. n. =action of;process of

indication 指示

relaxation 放鬆

perfection 完美無缺

-ish. a. =having the quality of

childish 幼稚的

bookish 書生氣的

devilish 魔鬼似的

-ism. n. = doctrine;belief

capitalism 資本主義

adventurism 冒險主義

opportunism 機會主義

-ist. n. =1)believer in. 2)expert of

romanticist 浪漫主義作家

economist 經濟學家

nationalist 民族主義者

-istic. a. = full of

realistic 現實的

artistic 藝術的

humanistic 人道的

-ive. a. =inclined to;having the quality of

instructive 有教育意義的

offensive 進攻性的

constructive 建設性的

-ize. v. = make or cause to become

realize 實現

organize 組織

popularize 普及,推廣


finalize 使...了結

economize 節省,節約

industrialize 工業化

-less. a. = without

jobless 失業的

tireless 不倦的

countless 數不清的

-let. n. = little

booklet 小冊子

townlet 小鎮

houselet 小房子

-like. a. = having the quality of

childlike 孩子般的

warlike 好戰的

businesslike 事務式的有條理的

-logy/-ology. n. = study of

sociology 社會學

ecology 生態學

methodology 方法論

-ment. n. =1)result of. 2)agency of. 3)state of

improvement 改良,進步

government 政府

disappointment 失望

-ness. n. = condition or quality of being

eagerness 渴望

carelessness 粗心

emptiness 空洞,空虛

-ous/-ious. a. having the quality of

famous 著名的

advantageous 有優勢的,有利的

mysterious 神秘的

-ship. n. = state of

friendship 友誼

partnership 合作夥伴

fellowship 交情,夥伴關係

-some. a. = full of

burdensome 累贅的,沈重的

troublesome 麻煩的

laboursome 費力的

-ty. n. = condition of being

security 保險

safety 安全

loyalty 忠誠

-ure. n. = 1)act or fact of. 2)result of being

culture 培養

failure 失敗

closure 圈地

-y. a. = full of

clumsy 笨拙的

tricky 狡猾的

hairy 毛茸茸的

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