1. 1.       

Be about to 即將

The bus is about to come.

I am about to leave here.

  1. 2.       

Above all尤其 = especially

Bill likes many animals. Above all, he likes the dogs best.

  1. 3.       

Adjust to N/Ving 適應/習慣於

=adapt to =get used to

I think it’s hard for me to adjust to the country life.

I adapted to the city life of Taiwan quickly.

I got used to swimming in the morning.

  1. 4.       

In advance事先

You should call him in advance before visiting him.

You should pay the money in advance.

  1. 5.       

Be afraid of N害怕

Be afraid to V

I am afraid of that tall man.

I am afraid to give a speech.

  1. 6.       

In all一共

How much do I owe you in all?

You should pay me 500 dollars in all.

  1. 7.       

Along with..一起

=together with

He along with Mary loves to see a movie.

=He and Mary love to see a movie.

Billy along with Sandy wants to go to college.

  1. 8.       

Be angry with生某人氣

=be mad at

I was angry with you.=I was mad at you.

  1. 9.       

Take…apart ….拆開


I can take the computers apart but I can’t put them together.

  1. 10.    

As long as 只要

As long as you study harder, you will get better grades.

  1. 11.    

As to 關於

As to the problem, we don’t know how to solve it.

As to the project, the boss didn’t like it.

  1. 12.    

As well as ….

He as well as Sandy is excited about the trip to Taipei.

I like your beauty as well as your good heart.

  1. 13.    

Be able to 能夠=be capable of

Sandy is able to finish her work by herself.

I am capable of reading Japanese magazines.

  1. 14.    

In one’s absence 在某人不在時

Sandy stole my watch in my absence.

Please take care of my pets in my absence.

  1. 15.    

Be absent from 缺席

Bill has been absent from his school for a long time.

Jay is absent from his work today.

  1. 16.    

By accident = by chance 意外地

I found my wallet by accident.

She met an old friend by accident.

  1. 17.    

According to 根據

According to his words, there is a coffee shop at the corner.

According to the news report, Obama won the election.

  1. 18.    

Be acquainted with …與某人熟識

= be familiar with

Sandy is acquainted with that little boy.

  1. 19.    

In addition,….此外(用於正面)


Sandy is a kind girl. In addition, she donates to charity organizations every year.

Smith is ugly. Besides, he is selfish.

  1. 20.    

At the age of ..年紀時

I learned how to cook at the age of ten.

People go to primary school at the age of six.

  1. 21.    

Not …at all一點也不= by no means

Sandy is not friendly at all.=Sandy is by no means friendly.

  1. 22.    

Amount to 總計

These things amounted to 500 dollars.

  1. 23.    

One another 彼此

We should respect one another.

  1. 24.    

Be anything but…絕不是

Betty has anything but good fortune.

  1. 25.    

Arrive in +城市/國家 到達某城市/國家=get to =reach

I arrived in Kaohsiung yesterday evening.

  1. 26.    

Be ashamed of 感到羞恥

I am ashamed of your poor behavior.

You should be ashamed of your crime.

  1. 27.    

Ask for 請求= make a request for

If you need the loan, you can ask for the banks.

Ask for help when you need it.

  1. 28.    

Pay attention to 注意….

I always pay attention to the teachers when in class.

  1. 29.    

Back up sb支持某人=support sb

I want to thanks for my family because they always back me up.

  1. 30.    

Be based on 根據..

The movie is based on a novel.

My research is based on the evidence and facts.

  1. 31.    

Take a bath洗澡= take a shower

After exercising, we had better take a bath.

  1. 32.    

At the beginning of …開始時

At the beginning of the contest, I am much worried about my grades.

  1. 33.    

In the beginning,…起先 = at first

In the beginning, I ran fastest. But at last I was the last one.

  1. 34.    

Behave oneself 守規矩

In public children sometimes don’t behave themselves.

  1. 35.    

Fall behind = lag behind 落後

Sandy must study harder or she will lag behind.

  1. 36.    

Had better 最好

I had better keep early hours to stay healthy.

I had better do my homework by myself.

  1. 37.    

Believe in 相信的存在,信仰….

I believe in ghosts.

Sunny believed in Christianity before.

  1. 38.    

Belong to 屬於

The house and the car belong to me.

  1. 39.    

Do one’s best = try one’s best盡全力

I will do my best to study math.

  1. 40.    

Between you and me 不要告訴別人

Between you and me, Bill’s mother is going to Japan for 7 days.

  1. 41.    

Beware of當心

Beware of that bad man because he often lies.

  1. 42.    

Give birth to 生下

Mary gave birth to two baby girls.

  1. 43.    

Boast of 吹噓..誇大…=Boast about = brag of = brag about

William loves to boast of his wealth.

  1. 44.    

Be bored with…感到厭倦

= be tired of

Gary was bored with cleaning his rooms.

Smith was tired of reading the same book again and again.

  1. 45.    

Both a and b  ab

Both Andy and Jack are nice people.

I can speak both Mandarin and German.

  1. 46.    

Take a break 休息一下

I feel pretty tired. I have to take a break.

  1. 47.    

Be out of breath 喘不過氣

I was out of breath after running around ten miles.

  1. 48.    

Bring up sb將某人帶大

My grandfather brought me up.

He was brought up in a small town.

  1. 49.    

Be busy Ving忙著從事

Father is always busy making money.

Mother is always busy cleaning and cooking.

  1. 50.    

Call sb down 責罵某人= scold sb

Mother usually calls me down when I do something wrong.

  1. 51.    

Call off取消 = cancel

The news conference was called off.

  1. 52.    

Call up sb打電話給

My best friend, Andy, called me up the other day after we lost contact ten years ago.

  1. 53.    

Be careful about 謹慎

People should be careful about their own words and actions.

  1. 54.    

Carry on with..繼續

I will carry on with my research till next Sunday.

  1. 55.    

In any case 不管怎樣、反正

I will love you forever in any case.

  1. 56.    

In case 如果

In case I don’t come back in 5 minutes, run away here.

  1. 57.    

In case of 萬一、假使 = in the event of

In case of rain, we will cancel the party.

  1. 58.    

Catch up with 迎頭趕上

She is walking so fast that I can not catch up with her.

  1. 59.    

Know for certain/sure 確知

I know for certain that Gary has two girlfriends.

  1. 60.    

Cheat on 感情不忠

= be unfaithful to

Don’t cheat on your wife.

  1. 61.    

Cheer up 使振作

Let’s tell him some jokes to cheer him up.

  1. 62.    

Have no choice but to V  除了別無選擇/不得不

I have no choice but to help my sister look for her watch.

  1. 63.    

Catch (a) cold

It’s cold outside the house. Be careful not to catch a cold.

  1. 64.    

Come by = get 獲得

Where did you come by that fancy dress?

  1. 65.    

Come to 甦醒過來

When I came to , I had no idea what happened to me.

  1. 66.    

Come up with..想出(法子= think up

I came up with the wonderful idea yesterday.

  1. 67.    

Keep company with 為同伴

Andy is too selfish that nobody likes to keep company with him.

  1. 68.    

Compare A to B a比喻為b

I like to compare my mother to a horrible monster.

We like to compare our teacher to an angel.

  1. 69.    

Compare A with B ab做比較

My mother likes to compare my grades with Bill’s.

You can not compare a car with a tree. They are so different.

  1. 70.    

Complain of/about

She likes to complain about everything.

  1. 71.    

Be concerned about 擔心、關心

We are very concerned about your body.

  1. 72.    

Congratulate sb on N/Ving 恭喜

Let’s congratulate Peter on having a new job.

I sent him a present to congratulate him on his new-born baby.

  1. 73.    

On the contrary,…相反地= instead

He didn’t go to school .On the contrary he went to play baseball and saw a movie.

  1. 74.    

Under control 在控制中

Don’t worry! The whole thing is still under control.

  1. 75.    

At all costs 不計任何代價

Martin would win the game at all costs.

  1. 76.    

A couple of 一對、幾個

I plan to work here for a couple of months.

  1. 77.    

Of course當然

  1. 78.    

Be covered with …..覆蓋著

The mansion was covered with thick snow.

The boy was covered with a blanket.

  1. 79.    

Be crazy/mad about瘋狂喜愛

Vivian is crazy about shopping.

  1. 80.    

Go crazy/mad/nuts/bananas發瘋

The woman went crazy because she lost her only child.

  1. 81.    

Be curious about ….感到好奇

My sister is very curious about how to use the computer.

  1. 82.    

Be in danger 處於險境

We were kidnapped by some guy ,so we were in danger.

  1. 83.    

All day long 整天

I have been watching TV all day long.

  1. 84.    

By day/by night 白天/晚上

Joe works by day and sleeps by night.

  1. 85.    

Call it a day 到此收工、結束吧

I feel tired. Let’s call it a day.

  1. 86.    

Day after day 日復一日(強調動作長期進行)

I write day after day in order to become a writer.

  1. 87.    

Day by day 一天一天地 (強調情況漸漸變化)

My Chinese is getting better day by day.

  1. 88.    

One day 某日

One day I met my junior high school’s homeroom teacher.

  1. 89.    

The other day 前幾天

I bought a car the other day.

  1. 90.    

Some other day 改天(用在未來式)

Let’s have lunch together some other day.

  1. 91.    

Deal in 從事的買賣

My father deals in used books.

  1. 92.    

Deal with 處理,與交往

Joe has to deal with this problem.

Nobody wants to deal with a selfish man.

  1. 93.    

A great deal of +不可數名詞 大量的

Joe drank a great deal of water.

  1. 94.    

Make a decision to V 決定要 decide to

We have made a decision to hold a party.

  1. 95.    

To one’s delight,….令人高興的是

To my delight, my son won the first prize.

  1. 96.    

Take delight in 喜歡

Joe takes delight in helping poor people.

  1. 97.    

Keep a diary寫日記

I used to keep a diary in my childhood.

  1. 98.    

Die of 死於(疾病)

The guy died of cancer.

  1. 99.    

Go on a diet 節食

I need to go on a diet because I am a bit overweight.

  1. 100.   

Make a difference有所不同、改變

I hope to make a difference in my life.

  1. 101.   

Be different from ….不同 = differ from

My pencil box is different from yours in shape.

My car differs from yours in color.

  1. 102.   

Be disappointed with sb 對某人失望

I am disappointed with my daughter.

Be disappointed at sth 對某事物失望

I was disappointed at your decision.

  1. 103.   

From a distance 從遠處

The tigers from a distance looked like cats.

  1. 104.   

Do well 表現好

You did well on the math test.

Joe did well in the race.

  1. 105.   

Have something to do with 有關

Your failure has something to do with your laziness.

  1. 106.   

From door to door 挨家挨戶

The little cute girl sold her biscuits from door to door.

  1. 107.   

Next door to ….的隔壁

I live next door to the bank.

  1. 108.   

No doubt = without doubt 無疑

He is no doubt a good and kind person.

  1. 109.   

Let sb down 使某人失望

I let my family down for I lost the game.

  1. 110.   

Dozens of 數打…/幾十個..

I bought dozens of eggs.

Dozens of students were absent from class.

  1. 111.   

Be dressed in 穿著….

You look sexy when you are dressed in black.

  1. 112.   

Drop in on sb 順道探望某人

Please drop in on my grandpa on your way to the library.

  1. 113.   

Drop sb a line 給某人隻字片語

I am too busy to drop you a line.

  1. 114.   

Due to 由於、因為 because of = as a result of = on account of

Due to the large earthquake, many people died or got wounded.

  1. 115.   

Be eager to V 渴望… = be longing to VR = be longing for N

I am eager to meet with my idol.

  1. 116.   

Earn/make one’s living 謀生

Joe earned his living by selling toys.

Joe made a living as a reporter.

  1. 117.   

Feel at ease 感到輕鬆自在

Only when I am at home do I feel at ease.

  1. 118.   

With ease 輕鬆地 = easily

Paul was able to design a new plane with ease.

  1. 119.   

On earth 在世界上 = in the world 也有「究竟」的意思

There are five continents on earth.

What on earth are you talking about?

  1. 120.   

Make an effort to V 設法努力要

I made an effort to pass the test.

Make every effort to盡一切努力要

I made every effort to reach the top of the mountain.

  1. 121.   

At the end of 結束時

At the end of the story, the prince and the princess got married.

  1. 122.   

Come to an end 結束

The meeting has been held for 8 days. Today it’s going to come to an end.

  1. 123.   

End up Ving到頭來,以收場

I played online games all night and ended up getting up too late.

  1. 124.   

In the end,….最後 = finally = eventually

In the end she got her master’s degree.

  1. 125.   

數字+On end 連續地

I have been running for 6 hours on end.

  1. 126.   

Be engaged in 從事

Joe likes to be engaged in the politics.

  1. 127.   

Be engaged to ..訂婚

Joe was engaged to Mary two days ago.

  1. 128.   

Enjoy oneself 玩的很高興

=have fun = have a good time

We enjoyed ourselves at the ball.

  1. 129.   

Be equal to 等於、勝任

Two and two is equal to four.

Joe is equal to that work.

  1. 130.   

Even if 即使(事情還沒發生的假設)

Even though 即使….(事情已經發生)

Even if he doesn’t join the club, we still have enough members.

Even though something terrible happened to you, you have to forget them.

  1. 131.   

Every now and then 偶爾 sometimes = from time to time = at times

I paid a visit to my siblings every now and then.

  1. 132.   

Every other day/month/year每隔一天/一月/一年

That store seems strange because it closes every other day.

  1. 133.   

For example,…舉例 = for instance

Joe is a hard-working worker. For example, he never goes home without finishing his work.

  1. 134.   

Keep an eye on ….監視

Keep an eye on your son. He may break something here.

  1. 135.   

Fail in 失敗

Joe failed in everything.

  1. 136.   

Fail to V 未能….

Joe failed to arrive on time.

  1. 137.   

Never fail to 總是會

I never fail to finish my paper on time.

  1. 138.   

Be faithful to 忠誠於

Joe is faithful to his boss.

  1. 139.   

Be familiar with 熟悉

I was very familiar with Joe when I was young.

  1. 140.   

By far +最高級  是最…..

You are by far the cutest girl that I have ever seen.

  1. 141.   

So far到目前為止

We have not had dinner so far.

  1. 142.   

Be in fashion 流行

Wearing the earrings is not in fashion now.

  1. 143.   

Find fault with 麻煩、挑剔… = pick on sb

My supervisor likes to find fault with me.

  1. 144.   

For fear of N/Ving 惟恐….

Joe studies so hard for fear of failure on the test.

  1. 145.   

Feel like + Ving 想要

We feel like going to the concert tonight.

  1. 146.   

Quite a few 不少的、相當多的

Quite a few people went shopping in Sogo department store.

  1. 147.   

Figure out想出、了解

I can not figure out the answers.

I don’t quite figure out what you are doing.

  1. 148.   

Find out發現

I have to find out the secrets by myself.

  1. 149.   

Catch fire著火

His house caught fire last week.

  1. 150.   

Set fire to 放火燒

= set sth on fire

A naughty boy set fire to the park yesterday.

  1. 151.   

Be fond of 喜歡

I am fond of every kind of fish.

  1. 152.   

Fool around = play around = goof around 鬼混

Joe likes to fool around after school.

  1. 153.   

make a fool of oneself使自己出糗

Joe made a fool of himself in order to make his girlfriend laugh.

  1. 154.   

On foot 步行

I went to Tainan on foot.

  1. 155.   

Look forward to Ving 期望、盼望

Students usually look forward to the coming of summer vacation.

  1. 156.   

Frankly speaking 坦白說

Frankly speaking, I am a lesbian.

  1. 157.   

Be free of/from 免於/沒有….

We are protected by the police, so we are free from danger.

  1. 158.   

Make friends with  交朋友

We don’t like to make friends with you.

  1. 159.   

From A to Z  應有盡有、完全含括

The store sells everything from A to Z.

  1. 160.   

From now on 從今以後

From now on , I won’t commit any crime .

  1. 161.   

From then on 從那時起

From then on, he never talked to me.

  1. 162.   

In front of 前面

Don’t stand in front of me.

  1. 163.   

In the front of 在(某物內部)裡面

She doesn’t like to sit in the front of the bus.

  1. 164.   

Be full of = be filled with 充滿

The bathroom is full of water. That’s terrible.

  1. 165.   

Make fun of 取笑

Don’t make fun of Gill. He can’t take the jokes.

  1. 166.   

In the future 在未來

People will live on the moon in the future.

  1. 167.   

Generally speaking,…一般來說 = in general

Generally speaking, people in Taiwan can use computers well.

  1. 168.   

Get along with 某人 與某人相處很好

Joe really got along with his classmates well.

  1. 169.   

Get on 上(公車、飛機、火車….

Get off 下(公車、飛機、火車….

I love to see people get on and off the train.

  1. 170.   

Get over 痊癒 = recover from

I have got over my cold.

  1. 171.   

Get to 到達

I must get to the station at five.

  1. 172.   

Get together 在一起

During Chinese new year , the Chinese get together with their family.

  1. 173.   

Get up 起床

I hate to get up early in the morning.

  1. 174.   

Give in to 屈服於

Never give in to fate.

  1. 175.   

Give sb a ring/call 打電話給

Give me a ring when you got home.

  1. 176.   

Give up +Ving/N放棄、戒除

Joe gave up smoking ten years ago.

Give up on sb對某人不抱希望

Joe’s father gave up on him because he fooled around in the neighborhood.

  1. 177.   

At a glance 一眼看去

I mistook you as my aunt at a glance.

At first glance乍看之下

At first glance, this is a pen, but it’s a weapon actually.

  1. 178.   

Get into 上車(自用車、計程車等不能站立的車種)

Get out of 下車

We got into a taxi together and shared the fare.

  1. 179.   

Go off爆炸

The bomb went off in the school, so plenty of people got hurt.

  1. 180.   

Go From bad to worse 每況愈下

The economy goes from bad to worse every day.

  1. 181.   

Go on Ving 繼續(未完之事)

Let’s go on learning lesson two.

Go on to 繼續(下一個事情)

Let’s go on to learn chapter five.

  1. 182.   

Go out 蠟燭、電燈熄滅

The candle went out.

Put out 熄滅(火)

The fireman put out the fire.

  1. 183.   

Go over = review 複習

I go over every lesson I have learned today.

  1. 184.   

Go through 經歷

I went through many difficulties to succeed.

  1. 185.   

Go with = match 很搭

The shoes go with you clothes.

  1. 186.   

Be good at = be skilled in 精通….

I am not good at cooking.

  1. 187.   

Do sb good 對某人益 注意:沒有do good to sb 的用法

Do sb harm 對某人有害 = do harm to sb

Eating healthy food does you good.

Sitting up all night does you harm.

  1. 188.   

Take ….. for granted ….視為理所當然

Joe took the pocket money that his father gave him for granted.

Husbands should never take wives’ love for granted.

  1. 189.   

Be in the habit of …的習慣

I am in the habit of meditation in the morning.

  1. 190.   

By hand 手工做 by machine 機器做

The rice dumplings are made by hand, not by machine.

  1. 191.   

Give sb a hand 給某人幫助

Please give me a hand with my science homework.

Give sb a big hand給某人鼓掌

They gave me a big hand for my excellent performance.

  1. 192.   

Hand in = turn in 繳交

Did you hand in your term paper yet?

  1. 193.   

Hand in hand 收拉手、密不可分

They walked on the beach hand in hand.

Success and diligence go hand in hand.

  1. 194.   

Be around the corner = coming soon = near at hand 即將來臨

The final exam is around the corner, so you must be very nervous.

  1. 195.   

On hand 手頭上

How many pigs do you have on hand?

  1. 196.   

Hang up (the phone)掛斷電話

Hang up on sb 對某人掛電話

It’s impolite to hang up the phone when someone is still talking.

It’s rude of you to hang up on me.

  1. 197.   

Sth happen to sb 發生

A car accident happened to Joe this morning.

  1. 198.   

Sb happen to v 正好、恰巧

I happened to see you kiss Joe in the coffee shop.

  1. 199.   

Have on 穿著

You look handsome when you have on that coat .

  1. 200.   

Head to/for +地點 朝向某地去

That woman headed to the post office and withdrew a lot of money.

  1. 201.   

Keep one’s head 保持冷靜

Lose one’s head 失去理智

One should try to keep his head when in an emergency.

I lost my head when hearing my mom get hurt.

  1. 202.   

Hear from 得到某人消息

Since Joe joined the army, I have not heard from him yet.

  1. 203.   

Hear of/about聽說有關

Have you ever heard of the spooky house in Canada?

  1. 204.   

At heart = by nature 本質上

People are kind at heart.

  1. 205.   

Know sth by heart 默背….

I know the article by heart.

  1. 206.   

Cannot help but V = cannot help Ving = cannot but V 忍不住

I cannot help crying when hearing the sad accidents.

  1. 207.   

Help sb V 幫助

I help my dad wash his car on the weekend.

  1. 208.   

Help sb with sth 幫某人做….

I sometimes help my little sister with his science report.

  1. 209.   

Help yourself to 食物  盡情自己享用食物

Help yourself to all the food here.

  1. 210.   

Hold on 等等

Please hold on a second.

  1. 211.   

Be at home with 精通

You are at home with 10 languages. You are so excellent.

  1. 212.   

How come 為什麼

How come she is not on time?

  1. 213.   

Be in a hurry = in a rush 匆忙

My father is always in a hurry.

  1. 214.   

Hurry up 快點

Hurry up or we will miss the bus.

  1. 215.   

Have no idea 不知道

I have no idea about who that guy is.

  1. 216.   

Instead of 取代….,不反而

We went shopping instead of watching football game.

We had hamburgers instead of sandwiches today.

  1. 217.   

Be interested in …= show/have/take an interest in 感興趣

We are interested in watching soccer games.

Joe has an interest in music.

  1. 218.   

Play a joke on sb = play a trick on sb 開某人玩笑

People often play a joke on others on Fool’s day.

  1. 219.   

Be junior to 較某人年幼

I am junior to you.

I am three years junior to you.

Be senior to 較某人年長

I am senior to you.

I am five years senior to you.

  1. 220.   

Keep away from遠離

= stay away from

I have told you several times to keep away from that evil man.

  1. 221.   

Keep up with = keep pace with 跟上

He is so smart that I can not keep up with him.

  1. 222.   

All kinds of = various kinds of = a variety of 各式各樣的

In the supermarket, we can buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

  1. 223.   

Knock on the door 敲門

Joe is knocking on the door. Go open the door for him.

  1. 224.   

Knock sb out將某人擊倒

A thug knocked me out when I walked home.

Knock sb down將某人擊倒

Don’t fuck with me or else I will knock you down.

  1. 225.   

Be known for 出名

= be famous for

Be notorious for ….惡名昭彰

Joe is known for his generosity.

  1. 226.   

Be at large 逍遙法外

The police haven’t caught the thief. He is still at large.

  1. 227.   

At last 最後

  1. 228.   

Be late for…..遲到

You are late for my class.

  1. 229.   

Laugh at 嘲笑

Never laugh at people inferior to you.

  1. 230.   

At least 至少

We are to stay here for at least 10 days.

  1. 231.   

Be at leisure 有閒暇

I usually study English history at my leisure.

When I am at leisure,I do nothing but relax.

  1. 232.   

At length 詳細地 = in detail

Tell me the truth at length.

  1. 233.   

Lie in ….在於

Consist in

The tips of speaking English fluently lies in practice.

  1. 234.   

Consist of ….組成

The committee consisted of two doctors and five lawyers.

  1. 235.   

Tell a lie = tell lies 說謊

I told a lie to my friend.

  1. 236.   

And the like 等等 = and so on = and so forth = and what not = etc.

I like Chinese food, including stinky tofu, rice dumplings, and the like.

  1. 237.   

Be likely to 可能

You are likely to get engaged in two months.

  1. 238.   

Have a liking for 愛好

I had a liking for online games.

  1. 239.   

Line up 排隊   lineup陣容

Please line up behind the red line.

  1. 240.   

Quite a little of 不可數名詞 不少的

My mom made quite a little money by selling beef noodles.

  1. 241.   

Live a ….life ….生活 = lead a ….life

We live a happy life in the country.

  1. 242.   

In the long run,…..最終、終究

In the long run, practice makes perfect.

  1. 243.   

Not …any longer = not ……..any more = no longer

Joe didn’t live here any longer.

  1. 244.   

Have a look at = take a look at 看一看

Let me have a look at this watch.

  1. 245.   

Look after 照顧 = take care of

I want you to look after my garden when I am out.

  1. 246.   

Look down upon sb 輕視…. = despise sb = disdain sb

Joe looks down upon the beggars on the streets.

  1. 247.   

Look for = search for  尋找

We are looking for the stray dogs.

  1. 248.   

Watch out = look out 小心….

Watch out for the car.

  1. 249.   

Look over sth檢查….

Look over the box and see if there is any hole.

  1. 250.   

Look up 查詢

Look up the new word in the dictionary.

You can look up Nancy’s phone number in my notebook.

  1. 251.   

Look up to 尊敬

We look up to Joe for he is the good model in our class.

  1. 252.   

Get lost 迷路

We got lost in the foggy forest.

  1. 253.   

Fall in love with 愛上

I fell in love with you when I first saw you.

  1. 254.   

Be made of …做成(材料性質不變)

The table is made of wood.

Be made from做成(材料性質改變)

The shoes are made from plastic material.

  1. 255.   

Be made up of = be composed of = consist of ..組成

Our class is made up of 40 people.

  1. 256.   

Major in 主修 minor in 輔修

When in college, I majored in art and minored in psychology.

  1. 257.   

Make a mistake 犯錯

I made a mistake in the contest.

  1. 258.   

Make up 編造(故事、藉口)

You made up excuses all the time.


Joe and Mary made up in the long run.

  1. 259.   

Make up for補償

I want to make up for your loss.

  1. 260.   

Be married to sb 與某人結婚 = marry sb

Joe was married to me yesterday.

Joe married me yesterday.

  1. 261.   

As a matter of fact ,… 事實上

As a matter of fact, you are not my son. You are adopted.

  1. 262.   

By means of 藉由

We promote our products by means of advertising them on TV and on the Internet.

  1. 263.   

Take medicine 吃藥

We must take medicine because we are all sick.

  1. 264.   

Not to mention….更別說 = to say nothing of = not to speak of

Joe can drive a lorry, not to mention a common car.

  1. 265.   

In the middle of 中間

I fell asleep in the middle of the boring lengthy speech.

  1. 266.   

Keep sth in mind = remember sth 牢記在心

Keep in mind that….= remember that….

Lisa should keep her teacher’s words in mind so that she will become a good student.

We should keep in mind that misfortune never comes alone.

  1. 267.   

Make up one’s mind to V = be determined to V 下定決心要….

Lisa made up her mind to divorce her husband yesterday.

She was determined to get married last night.

  1. 268.   

In a minute = in a moment = in a second 待會兒

Father will be home in a minute.

  1. 269.   

By mistake 不小心地、錯誤地

Lisa used the toothpaste to wash her face by mistake.

  1. 270.   

Mistake A for B = take A for B A誤認為B

Sometimes I mistook Lisa for her twin sister, lily.

  1. 271.   

The moment S +V ….….….= as soon as S+V = no sooner …… than …

The moment he walked out, it started to rain.

As soon as he walked out, it started to rain.

No sooner had he walked out than it started to rain.

  1. 272.   

Be in a bad/good mood 心情壞/

Lisa is in a bad mood now. Don’t bother her right now.

  1. 273.   

More or less 或多或少

Even an intelligent person may do something wrong more or less.

  1. 274.   

At most 至多、頂多

I could afford two million dollars at most.

You can spend one hundred dollars at most today.

  1. 275.   

Go to the movies = take in a movie = watch a movie = see a movie

Let’s go to the movies tonight.

Why not see a movie with Lisa on Sunday?

  1. 276.   

Name A after Bb的名字命名a

She named her first born child after her favorite singer.

I was named after my mother’s first boyfriend.

  1. 277.   

Take a nap 小睡一會兒

We want to take a nap now.

  1. 278.   

By nature = at heart 本性

Human beings are kind at heart.

  1. 279.   

In need of 需要….

We are in need of your timely help.

  1. 280.   

It occurred to sb that …..某人突然想起…= it struck sb that…

It occurred to me that I forgot to bring my wallet.

It struck me that today there was an exam.

  1. 281.   

On and off 斷斷續續

Don’t study Mandarin on and off ,or you won’t make progress.

  1. 282.   

All at once 突然= suddenly

When I turned right at the corner, a green car bumped to my car all at once.

  1. 283.   

At once 立刻= immediately

We have to call a meeting at once because there is an emergency.

  1. 284.   

Once and for all 一勞永逸地

Lisa should get rid of smoking once and for all.

  1. 285.   

One after another 一個接著一個

A large number of people came to the famous shop one after another.

  1. 286.   

Out of order 故障

The machine was out of order last night.

  1. 287.   

Keep ….in order保持井井有條

Your room is very messy. Keep your room in order right now.

  1. 288.   

Owe A to BA歸因於B = credit A to B = attribute A to B

Lisa owed her success to her parents.

  1. 289.   

Of one’s own 屬於自己的

Though young, Lisa has a wooden house of her own.

  1. 290.   

On one’s own靠自己

I have to earn money and support my family on my own.

  1. 291.   

For the most part,…大致而言

For the most part, Chinese people are conservative.

  1. 292.   

Pass away 去世

My grandfather passed away last month.

  1. 293.   

Pass by 時間消逝

As time passed by, we grew older and older.

  1. 294.   

Pass out = faint 暈倒

Lisa passed out after seeing a scary ghost.

  1. 295.   

In the past 在過去

Black people in America could not vote in the past.

  1. 296.   

Over /during the past +數字+時間名詞   過去….以來(與完成式連用)

Lisa has studied oversea over the past four years.

  1. 297.   

In person 親自  come here in person.

  1. 298.   

On the phone 在電話中  don’t talk on the phone but in person and face to face.

  1. 299.   

Pick on sb找某人麻煩

Lisa always likes to pick on me.

  1. 300.   

Pick out 挑出、選出

I want to pick out a good shirt for my dad.

  1. 301.   

Pick up 撿起,學習…..,接送…..,買…..

Pick up the litter and put it into the trashcan.

When in Taiwan, I picked up some Chinese.

Dad will pick me up at 5 a.m.

Pease pick up a magazine for me on your way to the market.

  1. 302.   

Have a picnic = go on a picnic = go picnicking 野餐

Let’s have a picnic in the park.

  1. 303.   

Take place = happen= occur 發生

Something strange took place in the stadium last Monday.

  1. 304.   

Take place = be held 舉行

A concert will take place next Sunday.

A news conference will be held at six p.m.

  1. 305.   

In place of = instead of 取代

We hired the woman with long legs in place of the one with long hair.

We had a big dinner instead of going on a diet.

  1. 306.   

Play a / an part in …..….之中扮演一個….角色 = play a / an role in ……….

The salesman plays an important role in my firm.

  1. 307.   

Point at 指著

She pointed at me with a gun.

  1. 308.   

Point out 指出

My teacher pointed out two mistakes in my writing.

  1. 309.   

Point to 指向(遠處)

Lisa pointed to the boy and said ,’ he is pretty naughty.’

  1. 310.   

Be popular with …..歡迎

Online games are very popular with the youth.

  1. 311.   

As…..as possible 盡可能 = as ….as one can

You should study as hard as possible.

You should go to work as early as you can.

  1. 312.   

At present 目前

Lisa is a college student at present.

  1. 313.   

Be present at 出席

I thought Lisa was present at the meeting.

  1. 314.   

At the price of ….的代價 = at the cost of = at the sacrifice of

Lisa defeated her rivals at the price of her life.

  1. 315.   

Prepare for…..….做準備

Mom was preparing for dinner.

  1. 316.   

In principle 原則上、基本上 in theory理論上

Lisa’s idea is great in principle, but it doesn’t work in fact.

  1. 317.   

Make progress 進步

Lisa made great progress in English.

  1. 318.   

Break one’s promise 不守諾言

Lisa broke her promise to me and she didn’t appear at the theatre.

  1. 319.   

Keep one’s promise遵守諾言

I will keep my promise.

  1. 320.   

Be proud of ….為榮  = take pride in

Lisa was very proud of her daughter.

Lisa took pride in her daughter’s great performance.

  1. 321.   

In public公開地  in private 私底下

I don’t like to share my feelings in public, but I do in private.

  1. 322.   

For the purpose of ving 為了…..的目的 = in order to = so as to

Mom goes to the supermarket for the purpose of shopping.

  1. 323.   

On purpose 故意地 = deliberately

Lisa stole my idea on purpose.

  1. 324.   

Put aside儲蓄、將….放回原位、收拾、將擱置一旁

I put aside five thousand dollars a month to buy a new car.(儲蓄)

Lisa put aside her homework to play baseball.(擱置)

Lisa put aside her toys and got ready to go to bed.

  1. 325.   

Put off + Ving/N延期 postpone + N/Ving

We can put off the meeting but we can not call it off.

Maybe we should postpone the fair for it’s rainy today.

  1. 326.   

Put out 熄滅(火)= extinguish  補充:extinguisher滅火器

The firemen immediately put out the fire.

  1. 327.   

Put up with忍受 = stand = bear = tolerate

I am not able to put up with her ill temper.

  1. 328.   

Be out of the question 不可能 = impossible

It’s out of the question to pass the test when you are only 5.

  1. 329.   

Keep quiet = quiet down 安靜

The class kept quiet for a while.

  1. 330.   

Rain cats and dogs 下大雨

You had better not go out. It’s raining cats and dogs.

  1. 331.   

At any rate 無論如何、不管怎樣

You must memorize 5000 words within a week at any rate.

  1. 332.   

In regard to = with regard to = about 關於

Lisa wrote me a note in regard to her reasons of being late.

With regard to the plan, we should think twice.

  1. 333.   

Rely on 依賴 = depend on = count on

Lisa relies on her elder sister too much.

Whether we should go to the movies depends on the weather.

  1. 334.   

Take a rest 休息

  1. 335.   

As a result of = because of 因為….        As a result因此

As a result of the weather, we cancelled the field trip.

  1. 336.   

Result from 起因於  result in 導致

The fire resulted from the carelessness of a cook.

  1. 337.   

Get rid of 擺脫、戒掉

Lisa hopes to get rid of the habit of drinking.

  1. 338.   

At the risk of  冒著…..的危險

Lisa saved the drowning boy at the risk of her own life.

  1. 339.   

Take risks 冒險 = take chances

Lisa took risks cheating on the test.

  1. 340.   

Run the risk of ….冒著的危險

Children ran the risk of burning themselves when playing firecrackers.

  1. 341.   

Rob sb of sth 搶劫某人的某物

The bastard robbed Lisa of all her savings.

  1. 342.   

Make it a rule to V 照例要做….,習慣會…….

Lisa made it a rule to swim every morning.

  1. 343.   

Run after 追趕、追求 = chase

A big angry dog is running after me.

I am running after Lisa now.

  1. 344.   

Run into = bump into = come across ….不期而遇

Lisa ran into her high school teacher on her way to the post office.

Lisa bumped into her ex-boyfriend on the street.

Lisa came across her boss in the book fair.

  1. 345.   

Run out of 用光….. = use up

Lisa has run out of her money since last week.

Lisa used up all her money to buy a lot of books.

  1. 346.   

Run over 輾過

That truck ran over many cats last night.

  1. 347.   

For the sake of 為了….的緣故

Lisa should go on a diet for the sake of health.

  1. 348.   

Be for sale出售

The novels are not for sale right now.

  1. 349.   

Be on sale 廉售

The cake is on sale now.

  1. 350.   

Be the same as …..相同     the same….as ….….相同的

That skirt is the same as mine.

Lisa has the same money as I do.

  1. 351.   

Be satisfied with 滿意 = be content with

Lisa was not satisfied with her husband.

Lisa is content with her job.

  1. 352.   

It goes without saying that  不用說….. needless to say,……

It goes without saying that everyone is born equal.

Needless to say, Lisa is good at speaking Korean.

  1. 353.   

Ahead of schedule進度超前   on schedule 按照進度    behind schedule進度落後

We finished the work ahead of schedule.

Lisa does her report on schedule.

Kevin always did things behind schedule.

  1. 354.   

Go to school = attend school上學

  1. 355.   

In search of …..尋求/探索….  = be searching for = be looking for….

Lisa is in search of her puppy.

  1. 356.   

Be in season 盛產中  be out of season 過季了

Bananas are in season now.

  1. 357.   

Be second to none 是最棒的

Speaking of singing, Lisa is second to none.

  1. 358.   

In secret 秘密地 = secretly

We go to play basketball in secret.

  1. 359.   

Keep sth secret 將某事情保密

We must keep his scandal secret.

  1. 360.   

See sb off 目送離開、送行

I went to the harbor to see my parents off.

  1. 361.   

Sell out 賣光了

My goods are all sold out.

  1. 362.   

Send for 

I am sick. Please send for a doctor for me.

  1. 363.   

Take sth seriously 認真看待….

Lisa was kidding. Don’t take her words seriously.

  1. 364.   

Shake hands with 握手

Lisa taught her puppy to shake hands with her.

  1. 365.   

Be Short of 短缺

Lisa is short of money.

  1. 366.   

In short = in brief 簡言之

In short , you should work hard to win her heart.

  1. 367.   

Show off 炫耀

Lisa never shows off in font of the public.

Lisa likes to show off her driving skills.

  1. 368.   

Show up 出現 = turn up  = appear

Lisa didn’t show up until the wedding was over.

  1. 369.   

At the sight of 一看到……….

Lisa felt happy at the sight of her kids.

  1. 370.   

Be similar to ….相似

Lisa’s house is similar to mine.

  1. 371.   

Fall into a sleep = fall asleep 睡著了

Lisa fell into a sleep in class.

  1. 372.   

Slow down 放慢腳步、速度      speed up 加速

Please slow down.

  1. 373.   

As soon as ………..…..……….  =  upon/on+Ving……..,s+v

As soon as the thief saw the police, he ran away quickly.

Upon seeing the police, the thief ran away quickly.

  1. 374.   

Sooner or later遲早

If you don’t observe the traffic rules, you will be fined sooner or later.

  1. 375.   

Speak ill of sb  sb壞話  speak well of sb sb好話  speak highly of 讚揚某人

In the office, sometimes people speak ill of their coworkers behind their backs.

Mom said I should speak well of others more often.

Everyone speaks highly of that smart girl.

  1. 376.   

Speaking of ….談到….

Speaking of novels, I favor “Harry Potter”.

  1. 377.   

Make a speech = deliver a speech 發表演說

The mayor made a speech in the city hall.

  1. 378.   

At the speed of 的速度

The sports car is going at the speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

  1. 379.   

Spend 時間 + Ving 花時間做………….

Lisa spent three hours playing online games.

Spend 金錢 + on +….  花錢在………

Lisa spent 200 dollars on the skirt and the bag.

  1. 380.   

In spite of 儘管(有) =  despite(不管) +N

Lisa will go to the library in spite of the terrifying storm.

Lisa will go to college despite the expensive tuition.

  1. 381.   

Stand by sb 支持sb = support sb

Lisa will stand by you forever.

  1. 382.   

Stand for 代表 = represent

This gold ring stands for my love for you.

  1. 383.   

Stand sb up 爽約、放某人鴿子

Lisa stood me up at the theater last night.

  1. 384.   

Stay up 熬夜

Lisa stayed up reading her favorite fiction.

  1. 385.   

Set out for 朝某地出發

Lisa set out for China last Thursday.

  1. 386.   

Stick to sth 堅守…..

Lisa can stick to her principles firmly.

  1. 387.   

Stop by = drop by 順道拜訪

We just stop by and hope we are not disturbing you.

  1. 388.   

Suffer from 飽受之苦

Lisa suffered from the death of her lovely baby.

  1. 389.   

Succeed in Ving (做某事情)成功..

Lisa succeeded in getting the certificate.

  1. 390.   

To sum up,….總之  = in conclusion = to conclude

To sum up, Taiwan is a wonderful place.

In conclusion, Taipei is a good city to visit.

To conclude, men should respect women.

  1. 391.   

Be supposed to V 應該  should 口氣委婉

You are supposed to clean your room at this time.

  1. 392.   

Be sure to 務必

Be sure to bring me some gifts when you come home.

  1. 393.   

Make sure that …..確實做到

Make sure that you have locked the door before leaving.

  1. 394.   

Be surprised at 感到訝異、驚訝

I was very surprised at the party that you held.

  1. 395.   

Take after (長相)像… = look like

Lisa takes after her mom.

  1. 396.   

Take care of  = look after = see after 照顧

My job is to take care of three kids in the room.

  1. 397.   

Take in 攝取

The patients should take in more fruits.

  1. 398.   

Take it easy.別緊張

  1. 399.   

Take off 飛機起飛、脫掉….

The airplane took off at 7 a.m.

Take off your hat and coat when you enter the house.

  1. 400.   

Take over 接管

Lisa will take over the business when her dad retires.

  1. 401.   

Take over as 接任….

Lisa will take over as president of the company.

  1. 402.   

Take part in = participate in 參與

Many people took part in the parade last night.

  1. 403.   

Take to sb/sth 喜歡上某人/某物

Lisa took to Bill when she first saw him.

  1. 404.   

Take up 佔(空間、時間)、學習某技藝

The table took up too much space.

Lisa will take up playing yoyo next week.

  1. 405.   

Talk back to)頂嘴

We should not talk back to the elders.

  1. 406.   

Talk over sth = discuss sth討論

We have to talk this matter over.

  1. 407.   

Tear down 拆毀     tear – tore-torn

The old man tore down his old house sadly.

  1. 408.   

Tear up 撕毀文件、紙張

Lisa tore up her letters.

  1. 409.   

Tell A and B apart = tell between A and B = tell A from B 區別AB之不同

It’s hard to tell Lisa and Mary apart.

It’s simple to tell between mangos and bananas.

We should tell the right from the wrong.

  1. 410.   

Tend to V….傾向、容易…. = be apt to = be prone to

Lisa tends to forget to do her homework.

  1. 411.   

Be thankful to sb for sth 感謝某人因某事  = be grateful to sb for sth

I am grateful to my parents for their support.

  1. 412.   

Thanks to 幸虧、由於 = due to

Thanks to your help, I could finish my work.

  1. 413.   

In that 因為 = because

Lisa is very kind in that she donates a lot of money to the poor.

  1. 414.   

Think about 考慮

We may think about your proposal .

  1. 415.   

Think of A as BA B = see A as B = regard A as B = consider A as B

All the students think of the teacher, Peter, as a hero.

  1. 416.   

Think over 仔細考慮

  1. 417.   

At the thought of 一想到

I became blue at the thought of my missing pet.

  1. 418.   

Throw up 嘔吐 = vomit

I threw up seeing the bloody meat.

  1. 419.   

All the time 一直

  1. 420.   

At the same time  同時

We spoke out at the same time.

  1. 421.   

At times 有時 = sometimes = every now and then

  1. 422.   

For the time being目前、暫時

For the time being we can stay at the hostel.

  1. 423.   

Kill time 消磨時間

We kill time by watching DVDs.

  1. 424.   

On time 準時

  1. 425.   

Be tired from因從事而勞累

I was tired from all the work.

Be tired of …..感到膩了

Lisa was tired of her mother’s nagging.

  1. 426.   

Tired out = worn out 累壞了

I was tired out after climbing the tough mountain.

  1. 427.   

Get in touch with = get in contact with 取得聯繫


Get in touch with me sometime next week.

  1. 428.   

Lose touch with 失聯

I have lost touch with many of my classmates for a decade.

  1. 429.   

Get into trouble 惹上麻煩

Please don’t get into trouble again.

  1. 430.   

Have trouble + Ving 從事有困難

Have difficulty + ving

Have a hard time + ving

Have problems + ving

Lisa has trouble talking to the foreigners.

  1. 431.   

Try on 試穿

  1. 432.   

Take turns + ving輪流做….

My children always take turns doing the housework.

  1. 433.   

Turn around 向後轉

  1. 434.   

Turn down將音量關小 turn up 將音量開大

Turn down the radio.

  1. 435.   

Turn down sb 拒絕某人

Lisa turned me down while I asked her out.

  1. 436.   

Turn on 打開(電視、收音機、電燈等) turn off關掉

Turn on the light.

Turn off the faucet.

  1. 437.   

Turn out = produce生產

The toy factory turns out 1000 toys a month.

  1. 438.   

Turn out to be 竟然是

The boss turned out to be a serial killer.

  1. 439.   

Turn over a new leaf 重新做人

  1. 440.   

Turn over sth to sb = turn sth over to sb 將某物轉交給某人

Please turn the cake over to Lisa.

  1. 441.   

Make use of 利用= take advantage of

Lisa made use of the empty bottles to build a castle.

You must take advantage of this good chance.

  1. 442.   

+ be used to Ving/N 習慣於…. = be accustomed to Ving

Lisa is used to living in the city.

+ be used to V 某物被用來

  1. 443.   

As usual 如同往常一樣

As usual , my father is drunk again.

  1. 444.   

In vain = to no purpose 徒勞無功

Lisa exercised every day to lose weight but in vain.

  1. 445.   

In view of 鑑於…………….

In view of your poor selling performance, we decided to dismiss you.

  1. 446.   

Wait for 等候

Please wait for me.

  1. 447.   

Wait on (餐廳的)伺候

Have you been waited on, Miss?

  1. 448.   

Take a walk = go for a walk 散步

  1. 449.   

Warm up 暖身、熱車

One should warm up before doing exercise.

Let the car warm up first.

  1. 450.   

Watch/look out for 提防、小心

Watch out for the pickpockets when in Italy.

  1. 451.   

In the way擋住去路 in one’s way

Don’t stand in my way.

  1. 452.   

By the way 對了(轉移話題用)

By the way, do you have free time to help me?

  1. 453.   

On the way to 在去途中

on my way home在我回家途中

I met a rich lady on my way to school.

  1. 454.   

Wear out 耗損、用壞

I wore out the umbrella.

The boots were worn out by that guy.

  1. 455.   

Gain weight = put on weight 發福、變胖

Lisa gains weight easily.

  1. 456.   

Lose weight 變瘦

  1. 457.   

As well(放句尾)也

She is kind and generous as well.

  1. 458.   

Be well off + Ving 從事….生活過得不錯

Lisa and her husband are well off running a grocery store.

  1. 459.   

Be willing to 願意….

Be unwilling to 不願意

Lisa is always willing to give her money to the needed.

  1. 460.   

Have a word/talk with sb 談一下

I had a word with Lisa last night.

  1. 461.   

Have words with sb ……吵架/起口角

She had words with her neighbors in the afternoon.

  1. 462.   

In a word 簡言之、一言以蔽之

In a word , life is precious. We should not commit suicide.

  1. 463.   

In other words,………..換句話說

You should not fool around all day. In other words, don’t look for fun all day and do nothing meaningful.

  1. 464.   

Be at work 上班中 on duty 執勤中

At table 用餐中 at desk 在辦公

  1. 465.   

Be out of work 失業 = be jobless = be unemployed

A large number of people are out of work because of the bad economy.

  1. 466.   

Work on 研究、致力於

We spent 6 hours working on the problem.

  1. 467.   

All over the world = around the world = across the world = the world over

People all over the world are celebrating the Chinese New Year.

  1. 468.   

Work out 解決(難題)、健身

It is easy for Lisa to work out this hard math question.

I have been to the gym to work out for several times.

  1. 469.   

Worry about = be worried about 擔心

I really worry about your health problem.

  1. 470.   

Worry sb sick 使某人擔心的要命

Lisa never comes home again. She really worries her mom sick.

  1. 471.   

Be worth +Ving/N 值得

The fiction and the storybook are worth reading.

  1. 472.   

Be worthy of + N 值得

This beautiful blouse is worthy of your money.(值得你買)

  1. 473.   

All year round一年到頭 =year in and year out

The weather here is always like spring all year round.

  1. 474.   

Year after year 一年一年地、年復一年地

Lisa’s math grades are getting better year after year.

  1. 475.   


The dish at the restaurant is so yummy.

  1. 476.   

Yearn for 嚮往、渴望

The slaves yearn for freedom.

  1. 477.   

Yield to 屈服於、讓步..

Never yield to your enemy.

Yield to no remedy 無可救藥

  1. 478.   

Zip one’s lip 不講話、閉嘴

Please zip your lip and say nothing in public.

  1. 479.   

Zip code 郵遞區號

  1. 480.   

Zen禪宗 Zenist禪宗信徒

Lisa believes in Zen, so she is a Zenist.




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