Come on的用法

 1.表示催促 Come on! We're going to be late! (快點!我們要遲到了!)

 2表示鼓勵Come on! You can do it! (加油!你可以辦得到的!)

 3.表示懷疑Come on! Don't lie to me! ( 少來了!別對我說謊!)

 4 表示挑費:Come on! Hit me! (來啊!打我啊!)

 high/highly/hard/hardly/late/lately 差別


  not give sb the time of day 不理睬某人與 once相關片語








  Own 的使用方式 of one's own /on one's own一樣 動物比喻


  last/latest/last one 用法 












 deal 相關片語 deal with/ No big deal 


 Thanks, but no thanks 謝謝,不必了 


 decide/beside/besides 相似字 


 Go+Ving 表從事某活動文法 


 die death dead 的相關用法與片語 


 Go to church VS. Go to the church thethe 大不同  


 way 相關的片語 






 work in /work for /work out /work at 


 someday one day the order day some other day 用法 


 Thanks for &感嘆句 


  toof 翻成...的使用方法 


 英文字尾er/or/ist 職業相關英文單字 








 talk speak say tell 說的用法 






lead to / result in / bring about / cause /give rise to/ contribute to/ conduce to 用法


other than/besides/except/except for/aside from/apart from文法使用方式


 當介係詞使用的to ,後加v-ing


 雙重否定句 not,never,no without/butVR




 unless if not 用法




 英文越來越比較級與雙重比較句the 比較級,the 比較級


 assist/consist/resist/persist/insist/Persevere 用法


 lest/for fear of /for fear that /in case of /in case/ in the case of 文法


 There is no denying that or what how when 名詞子句


 ...也不為過英文句型 can't too


 not to mention/not much of a 使用方法


 nothing but/ anything but/ everything but 用法


 As soon as /Once/ On+ v-ing/ Hardly when ~~文法


 表雖然although /Much as/ Despite /In spite of 句型


 that 同位語



    come on 一字多義


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