When I first came to Happy Senior High School, I was not surprised to find out how well students did on the test but how popular cellphones is used among students. To be honest, I can’t believe until I witness this. People in cities are richer than those in small towns, and their children are, too. During my class before, we never gave each student a screen to take the lesson. At most, there might be a computer in each classroom, and we all shared it together. Things are different in my new school. The school asks us to teach in a computerized way at least a class a week.

we can get the first-hand information all the time through we are at school. Students here are good at making computerized reports in a short time. They usually give a copy of report with many pages soon with a lot of latest information on it. This thing at Flying Senior High , the school I come from, can never do. I see students using their cellphones to catch every monent, to look for information, to take pictures of each other, and to share news or stories on their Facebook. Do they know what they have sacrificed? They seldom talk face to face because they talk with cellphones. They seldom take out their pens to take notes. I wonder what their handwritings look like. They always send quick messages, but the same messages to different persons. So they might not be written with true hearts.

Finally, after taking a second thought, I decided to leave. It took me a whole month to think about a better “excuse” to leave. I know I shouldn’t speak ill of “the use of cellphone” at this school. I finished a letter of ten pages, each with eighty-five words, and reported it to my boss. Guess what? My boss didn’t take it. It’s not because he agreed with me but because he said he only read computerized letters.

(     ) 26. Which word best means witness here?

         (A)Visit (B) See (C) Use (D) Choose

(     ) 27. What does the word they refer to ?  

         (A) Srories shared on Facebook.

        (B) Information students give.

        (C) Handwriting in homweork.

        (D) Messages to friends.

(     ) 28. How many words are there in the writer

          letter of resignation?

          (A) 850 (B) 800  (C)580  (D) 95

(     ) 29. What can we learn from the reading?

       (A) The writer is a teacher from anthor school.       

       (B) The writers boss didnt agree with his excuse for leaving.

    (C) Students at Happy Senior High School do badly at school work.

       (D) Students at Flying Senior High School   are good at making computerized reports.


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